“I’m not trying to atone for guilt”: Brezhnev made a frank confession

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According to the singer, the daughters will one day be able to understand her.

Vera Brezhneva said that she never tried to buy the location of the children. Due to the busy work schedule, the daughters may not have seen the star mother for weeks, but the actress did not please Sarah and Sonya with expensive gifts.

“I try not to bring them on tour so that the children don’t decide that I’m trying to atone. I am sure that when my daughters grow up, they will understand me, ”Vera shared.

Brezhnev also noted that ordinary saleswomen or accountants also have to work hard, which is why their children lack attention, and this is not a reason for condemnation.

The singer is more fortunate: after finishing her creative projects, she can dedicate 24 hours a day to communicating with her heirs. At the same time, Vera adheres to a strict principle: do not spoil your daughters. For example, Sone refused to buy a new smartphone after she lost the previous ones twice.

“That she wanted him twice as hard,” Brezhnev explained.StarHit».

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