“I’m amazed by many decisions”: “And just like that” did not like the author of the book on which the original was shot

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Journalist and writer Candace Bushnell, whose book formed the basis of the series “Sex in the Big City”, shared her opinion on the continuation of the show “And just like that”. In an interview with The New Yorker she criticized the way the character producers led.

Bushnell was asked if she felt the same way as the sequels, who don’t understand current trends and feel out of place. She said no and added a few words about “And just like that.”

“I’m really impressed with the many decisions made in the reboot. You know, this is a television product created by Michael Patrick King and Sarah Jessica Parker, who have worked a lot with HBO in the past. HBO decided to get the franchise back for a variety of reasons, and that’s what they came up with, ”she said.

Bushnell is the prototype of the main character Carrie Bradshaw. The writer was asked if she associated herself with the character in “And Just Like That,” but she replied, “Not at all.”

“I mean, Carrie Bradshaw turned out to be a weird woman who married a very rich guy. And this is not my story and not the story of my friends. But television has its own logic, “she added.

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