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On April 5, the Illusion cinema opened a screening of special film programs: “Oscar 2022”, “Retrospectives of Stanley Kubrick and Guy Ritchie”, “Museum Morning”, Italian-language film festival RIFF. Buy tickets online can be on “Cinema”

April 5 at the cinema “Ocean” Oscar 2022 program launched – Viewers will be able to see and appreciate the winners and nominees of this award.

April 5 – melodrama “CODA: a child of deaf parents” (12+), which won the Oscar in the nomination “Best Film”. April 6 – Drama “The Power of the Dog” (16+), Oscar winner in the nomination “Best Director” (Jane Campion). April 7 – The Eyes of Tammy Faye (18+), which made Jessica Chastain “Best Actress of the Year”. Oscar nominees will also be shown: “Don’t Look Up” (18+), “Tick-Too Boom” (18+), “Stranger’s Daughter” (18+), “Hand of God” (18+), “Being Ricardo” (16+).

From 5 to 10 April in the cinema Ussuri 6 iconic Stanley Kubrick films will be screened.

April 5 – anti-utopia “Clockwork Orange” (18+). April 6 – “Trails of Glory” (12+), a military drama about the events of the First World War. April 7 – “Barry Lyndon” (16+), a picture of aristocratic Europe and its hypocritical hierarchy, and most importantly – of fatalism, or rather, useless opposition to their fate. April 8 – “Shine” (18+), a horror film made in 1980 based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. April 9 – anti-war masterpiece “All-metal shell” (16+). April 10 – “With Eyes Wide Shut” (18+), Stanley Kubrick’s latest film, based on Arthur Schnitzler’s novel “Dream Novel”.

Watch from April 12 to 17 in the cinema «Ussuri » a retrospective of Guy Ritchie.

April 12 – cult crime comedy, Guy Ritchie’s debut “Cards, money, two barrels” (18+). April 13 – Criminal England through the eyes of the director in the movie “Big Cash” (16+). April 14 – philosophical action thriller “Revolver” (16+). April 15 – “Rock and Roll” (16+), a crime drama under the motto “Sex, trunks and rock and roll!”. April 16 – adventure action movie “Sherlock Holmes” (16+). April 17 – criminal action movie “Agents of ANKL” (12+).

From April 9, every Saturday and Sunday at 12 o’clock in the cinema “Ussuri” will be presented the project “Museum Morning” – a guide to the world’s greatest museums.

April 9 – “Florence and the Uffizi Gallery” (12+). Film tour of the city, which is the main museum of the Renaissance. Incredible filming with the use of advanced technology will allow the viewer to feel the effect of immersion in the splendor of Florence.

See April 10 “St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Patriarchal Basilicas of Rome” (6+). The viewer will have the opportunity to visit the four main basilicas of Rome and touch the hidden treasures of the Eternal City.

April 16 Prado Museum: A Collection of Wonders (6+) will tell not only about the extraordinary works of art that became the heart and soul of the picture, but also present magnificent buildings: the Escorial, the Pantheon of Kings, the Royal Palace in Madrid, the monastery of Descalcas-Reales.

April 17 – Vatican Museums (6+). The large-scale production will convey the splendor of museums that preserve rare and priceless works of world art of all historical epochs. Viewers will be inside the great works: “enter” Caravaggio’s paintings, “touch” the statue of Laocoon and the Belvedere Torso, fall under the spell of the statues of the Sistine Chapel.

April 23 – the film “The Hermitage. The power of art » (16+). Spectacular shots captured the magnificent interiors of the Winter Palace and an unforgettable collection of European art. Masterpieces by Leonardo, Raphael, Van Dyck, Rubens, Titian and Rembrandt will be heard on the screen.

April 23 – “Pompeii: the city of sins” (18+). A story about one of the most famous and mysterious archeological sites in the world.

The 8th Russian-Italian RIFF Film Festival, the country’s largest Italian-language film festival, will take place in the cinema Ussuri from 14 to 20 April *.

RIFF will open with a mystical thriller “Venetian Secrets” (16+) from Stefano Mordini, nominee for the Cannes Film Festival. The world premiere of the film took place at the 77th Venice Film Festival. Starring Golden Lion nominee, sex symbol of Italian cinema Stefano Accorsi and Valeria Golino, won six awards in Venice.

This year’s main RIFF competition is melodrama “Infinite Spring” (16+) Eliza Amoruzo about the transition period in the life of every woman and the story of the power of the human spirit “Ships go to the bottom” (16+) Stefano Chiantini. The main role in both films was played by the superstar of Italian cinema Micaela Ramazzotti. Viewers will also see for the first time “Lesson of love” (16+) Mauro Mancini is the story of a surgeon of Jewish descent who lives with a neo-Nazi family. Starring Alessandro Gassmann. This film about forgiveness and overcoming won five awards at the 77th Venice Film Festival.

The film-winner of the RIFF Grand Prix – a film by Antonio Capuano will also be brought to Vladivostok “Hole in the head” (16+)based on real events, a story of love and revenge. She won the Nastri d’Argento award in the category “Best Actress” (Teresa Saponangelo, known to a wide audience for the series “The Lady under the Veil”). The long-awaited event will be the showing of a painting by Alice Rorvacher “Wonders” (12+), which won the Grand Prix of the 67th Cannes Film Festival. Starring Alba Rohrwacher, the sister of one of Italy’s top female directors, and Monica Bellucci.

The comedy program will be presented by a mafia story from Naples “Welcome to the Esposito family” (16+), based on the novel of the same name by the humorist Pino Emperor.

A special event will be the screening of the program “Great Women of Italian Cinema” and a documentary “The Passion of Anna Magnani” (12+) about the great Magnani – the first Italian actress to win an Oscar for Best Actress.

The festival program also includes an almanac of the best short film from Italy – “Italian Best Shorts: New Stories”– among whose films the new role of Xenia Rappoport “My Eyes”, and “Fellinetta” – a picture taken by the niece of Federico Fellini on his 100th birthday.

* Films are shown in Italian with Russian subtitles

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