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“Illness has forced to change priorities” – Chonguk leaves BTS and starts acting career – POPCAKE

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More and more alarming news for the ARMY every day! Fans did not have time to come to their senses after yesterday ads about the disease Chonguka (Jungkook), when suddenly new information appeared. We will remind, the BTS music label posted the official address to fans that “McNae” received the positive test for kovid. Until recently, he was the only idol in the group who had not yet contracted the virus.

Despite this Chonguk hurried to calm down the fans and got in touch with them yesterday. He confirmed the information, but said he was feeling well. He has no complications.

Importantly, this happened on the eve of the BTS rehearsal for their performance at the Grammy Awards. It should take place very soon – on the night of 3 to 4 April (if Moscow time). The label commented that so far the artist is in self-isolation and can not contact others. Or Chonguk will not perform with the guys at the ceremony, or the group will have to cancel the planned performance.

ARMI is very worried, because they were waiting for the appearance of idols on the stage after their long vacation. Optimists hope that “McNae” will have time to recover by this time, because after the Grammy at the BTS concerts are scheduled in America.

Meanwhile, a close friend Chonguka shared details: “He is seriously thinking about the film industry now. The other day I asked the fans what they could see. He was told that he himself could become a good actor. He has been thinking about it ever since. It seems that the disease has forced him to change his priorities as long as he observes a regime of self-isolation. ” Fans hope so Chonguk will not leave the band, because he is one of the favorites of fans. On the other hand, to see him in the lead role in some major project is another cherished dream of the ARMY.

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