“I’ll tell everyone who you worked for”: Tigran Salibekov threatens Katya Kolisnichenko with compromising material

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On March 29, the divorce proceedings of Tigran and Yulia Salibekov began in court. The couple wants not only to end the relationship, but also to share the joint property. And there is something to share, because during the marriage they bought several apartments. According to Yulia, the real estate was bought with money from advertisements she posted on social networks. Of course, the woman does not intend to give away the apartments purchased for her sons.

Julia’s sister Ekaterina is on her side. On social media, she accused Tigran of not wanting to work. “This man wants to rent an apartment and live on this money. That’s how men went, “Kolisnichenko said.

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Tigran decided not to ignore the injections in his address and threatened Kolisnichenko to dump some compromising information about her past. “You will talk a lot, I will tell everyone who you worked with and with whom. And most importantly, how you worked. So it is not in your interest to say something, “Salibekov said.

It is still unclear what exactly Tigran was talking about, but Ekaterina has already reminded him of the article of the Criminal Code on the dissemination of personal information. The woman intends to sue Salibekov if he allows himself to declare her personal life and finances.

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Of course, there is no question of any reconciliation between the parties. Fans hoped until the last minute that Tigran and Julia will be able to reunite, but the stars have too many claims to each other. So the users of the Web are clearly waiting for another divorce, marked by dirt and scandals.

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