“I’ll figure it out myself”, – netizens admire the bold answer Wee (BTS) fan

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you from BTS boldly replied to the fan, who advised him not to get a tattoo.

April 6 answer you fan on Weverse attracted attention. One of the fans commented: “Don’t get a tattoo !!!!!!!!!” For what you wrote: “I will figure out what to do. But, first of all, I often talked about the tattoo of friendship with the band members. “. He then added: “Someday we will make a friendship tattoo. Please look forward to it. “.

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In response, some network users commented:

  • “Why are you always trying to beat your fans, lol?”
  • “I like Shuga, who once said that armies would be upset if they did tattoos, but I’m shocked.”
  • “They’re all adults, so they don’t need to get permission from their fans for every little thing, so he’s right in saying that. Even if you’re a celebrity, you have to say what you have to say. “
  • “Our Vi is temperamental even today. I miss you, Taehyun ~ »
  • “If they show their friendship tattoo, there will be a lot of crazy people who will copy it.”
  • “Taehyun is Captain Weverse.”
  • “That’s what they decide.”
  • “He has such a strong personality… when he is, he seems like Wee, not Taehyun.”
  • “It seems that Chonguk was the one who suggested that the participants get a tattoo, and Wee is close to Chonguk, so he supports his idea.”
  • “I’ll take care of it myself, lol.”
  • “He answered respectfully and competently drew a line.”

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