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Soviet and Russian composer Igor Kornelyuk complained of health problems. He shared this in a conversation with Channel Five.

The 59-year-old musician admitted that he suffers from diabetes, coronary heart disease, angina, and the consequences of a recent coronavirus infection. “I won’t live long, so it’s already non-alcoholic vodka, and a rubber woman, and that’s the whole way,” Kornelyuk said.

He stressed that doctors advised him to follow a diet. Thanks to the new nutrition plan, Kornelyuk lost 20 kilograms. The musician admitted that giving up alcohol was not easy for him. “I loved this business very much, I loved it very much, I really liked it. Right now I can’t afford anything, ”the artist summed up.

In February 2022, Russian actor Viktor Sukhorukov explained his dismissal from the Mossovet Theater due to alcohol addiction. The actor said that because of problems with alcohol he was expelled from the institution, although his colleagues also liked to drink. “I drank with everyone in the theater, and I was kicked out alone. What am I to look for now, guilty? All the same, I was ahead of them all, they stayed, I did not, ”Sukhorukov said.

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