Igor Butman got married in the palace: the wedding sang and danced under Stas Mikhailov, and the bride surprised with frank dancing and stretching

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Photo: Daria DEMIDOVA

Photo: Daria DEMIDOVA

People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Igor Butman played a wedding in St. Petersburg. The scenario of the holiday was classic – the main wedding rituals were sustained in solemn tones. Jazz maestro’s chosen one: his right hand at work and for more than two years as a favorite woman – 28-year-old Anna Lvova. The bride is 32 years younger than the groom, but the difference in age is not so noticeable: just Butman in great shape – not only creative but also physical. How did the newlyweds and their guests walk?

The bride is 32 years younger than the groom.  Photo: Daria DEMIDOVA

The bride is 32 years younger than the groom. Photo: Daria DEMIDOVA

Butman and Lviv’s wedding day started in an original way. After a light breakfast, the bride and groom went to the gym at the hotel – the wedding is not a reason to break the morning rituals. The wife of the world-famous jazz musician got a sense of humor. Anna joked on social media: “A few hours before the registry office, and we are a sports family. We lose unnecessary weight to get into a suit and dress. ” The couple managed to work out on the simulators. Next – the shower and the bride went to do wedding makeup and hair. The wedding ceremony took place at the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg (a very popular place for newlyweds to register). Then Anna and Igor had a chic wedding photo shoot in the old halls of the prince’s mansion. It is believed that the happy love stories of the Yusupov princes become a talisman for the further married life of the newlyweds. So for the future the couple can not worry.

Towards evening, the bride changed her snow-white wedding classics to an evening champagne color – Anna chose both wedding dresses with open shoulders and a chic neckline, which emphasized her aristocratic ballet neck. The groom, as usual, remained in a “day” tuxedo and an elegant butterfly. A new cell of society went to celebrate. The wedding sang and danced in one of the restaurants in St. Petersburg, which was closed this evening for special services. Among the guests from the groom were many famous musicians, cultural figures, artists and sports. The hall and tables are decorated in a classic wedding decor: nothing extra – white flowers, an LED screen on the stage, on which the initials of the newlyweds “run”.

We didn’t have to hire musicians for this holiday. Friends were for Butman. The young people performed the first dance to the composition of a family friend Larisa Dolina. The valley improvised to live accompaniment with the song “Don’t die love”. And on the dance floor, the Butmans lit up vigorously. Stas Mikhailov sang “Everything for you” and other hits. Mikhailov wished the new family: “Live in love and joy as long as possible in this world!”

We didn't have to hire musicians for this holiday.  Photo: Daria DEMIDOVA

We didn’t have to hire musicians for this holiday. Photo: Daria DEMIDOVA

Larisa Dolina congratulated the young people: “I don’t remember how many years ago it happened, but it happened! And I remember that it was in his club, in Taganka – Igor Butman said: “Larissa, I fell in love and I want to marry this girl!” He stated very convincingly, it was hard not to believe. And then he introduced me to his beloved. Sweet, young, smiling. Several years passed, and I fell in love with this girl. And I am very happy that Anya and Igor are together, and today it is official! I love both and I want these two to be happy all their lives. Bitter! ”

The groom is the khudruk of the world-famous jazz orchestra, so the guests had enough jazz. “Bitter”, compliments and toasts this evening sounded from Vyacheslav Fetisov, Nikolai Rastorguev, the Dibrov family and many other guests.

Sometimes at weddings they argue: “Isn’t the young woman in an interesting position?” This bride by one act refuted such speculations, even if they appeared to one of the guests or the public on social networks. Butman’s newlywed wife surprised even more with her dance-gift than Ksenia Sobchak did with her “wedding striptease”. Anna Lvova’s dance was steeper than Sobchak’s and did not send real acrobatic art. Announced as a “gift to her husband.” The bride at one point of the holiday changed into a closed swimsuit – and performed a dance on the air canvases. Two and a half meters wide canvases were hung from above, and Anna spun on them (and upside down, too), performing various acrobatic and dance exercises at a height – the bride flew and turned over in the air, like a real athlete, even breathtaking. Anna showed excellent athletic form and stretching – her twine is more elegant than Volochkova’s. So exhale – not pregnant. This wedding is just for love.

This wedding is just for love.  Photo: Daria DEMIDOVA

This wedding is just for love. Photo: Daria DEMIDOVA

The couple’s relationship began shortly after Igor Butman’s divorce from his second wife. Anna Lvova comes from Chelyabinsk, where she worked as a journalist – she also did interviews with musicians and artists. So a graduate of the Faculty of Music of the South Ural State Institute. Tchaikovsky and met Igor Butman – he came on tour to Chelyabinsk, she made a report about it. Soon Anna moved to Moscow, studied at the Ostankino Institute of Film and Television, and got a job in Igor Butman’s team. Gradually, working relationships grew into personal ones. Igor Butman and Anna Lvova have been together for more than two years. Butman always praises the chosen one, appreciates her ability to understand music: “When Anna moved to Moscow, she began working in our organization. She started creating wonderful music jazz and funk programs. Then we started dating … We just live and enjoy. She does my PR, festivals, concerts. Helps in everything… »All friends noted – Butman has grown younger next to the beautiful and smart Anna. The couple lives in Moscow.

The couple's relationship began some time after Igor Butman's divorce from his second wife.  Photo: Daria DEMIDOVA

The couple’s relationship began some time after Igor Butman’s divorce from his second wife. Photo: Daria DEMIDOVA

Forecast from numerologist Farida Krasavkina for newlyweds

Numerologist made a forecast, taking into account the date of birth of the couple and the date of the wedding. Igor Butman was born on October 27, 1961. Anna Lvova – August 26, 1993. The wedding date is April 1, 2022.

– This couple met to create a harmonious relationship. Help and support each other. They will build a harmonious and long-term union, create comfortable conditions for each other. They will provide comfort to each other, including in everyday life. Anna loves Igor and is ready to follow her partner anywhere, she has sincerity and honesty of feelings. And he sees in her a reliable man with a steady look, he feels that next to her – “like behind a stone wall.” The famous musician will be able to build a long-term relationship with this woman.

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