“If it’s a chandelier, what’s on their minds?”: Latvian exhibits criticized on social media at an exhibition in Venice

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The creative duo Skuja Braden was selected in a special competition, where five contenders appeared in the final. The winner was selected by a jury headed by the director of the Latvian National Museum, Mara Lace.

Painted porcelain installations, just over 300 art objects. For the joint work, the artists chose the theme – “Water Trade by the River”, inspired by the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, which intertwines the freedom-loving spirit of California with the experience of post-socialist life.

The Venice Biennale will be held from April 23 to November 27, 2022. Participation in Latvia together with the Ministry of Culture is supported by the patron Janis Zuzans – and a total of 150 thousand euros has been allocated for the project.

The opening of the exhibition was also attended by the Minister of Culture Nauris Puntulis, the Ambassador of Latvia to Italy Solvita Aboltina and the curator of the exhibition Solvita Cresse.

In her speech, curator Solvita Krese focused on LGBTQ + and women’s rights, noting that their recognition in Latvia is an important element in overcoming the Soviet past.

Meanwhile, the exhibition and the participation of the Latvian Minister in the opening of the pavilion were sharply criticized by Twitter users.

Daiga: “Divide this” art “into details and distribute in a friendly way to all worthy people who deserve it…”

Aivars: “Some people have very strange birds flying in their heads. If there is no self-control, they fly out. How is contemporary art different from Art (with a capital letter)? My observation: “Art awakens and cultivates spirituality in man, and” modern art “awakens animals.”

Marite: After the chandelier, you can judge what the superiors really think. Otherwise it will be a shame for the elite. But if they like it, then you have to think about what is going on in their heads…

Lina: Let this chandelier be hung in the Ministry of Culture or in the President’s residence. This is the most famous object from the best exhibition! Nothing to be ashamed of! People from the EU will admire and praise the courage and democracy of the world!

Lina: Not only do I miss words, but I don’t have enough notes! Another disgrace to Latvia! Unfortunately !!!

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