Idols will again play the lead roles in the BL-drama

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The BL genre, which has always existed and has loyal fans, became widespread only in 2022. For the most part, this was due to success “Semantic error” and the sharply increased popularity of the main characters – Jachan from DKZ and Pak Sohamaa former member of the group KNK.

Several more BL-doras have been announced recently, and it looks like we’ll be adapting the web soon “Shoulder to cry” – stories about guys going from enemies to lovers. Idols are expected to play the lead roles.

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On the web “Shoulder to cry” it all starts with that Da Yol rests in the emergency room and hears strange sounds from the next bed. They are separated by a curtain, but he pulls it away and sees two guys in each other’s arms on the bed. Out of shock, the protagonist drops the screen and, when the nurse makes a noise, one of the guys blames To Yola in that he hit him.
To Yola summoned to the teacher’s office and saved only by the guy who said he had already forgiven his abuser. Angry with lies, Da Yol declares enmity.

The production team of the series posted an audition announcement, where it stated that it is looking for novice actors for minor roles. In it it was said that the main characters will be played by idols.
A total of 12 episodes are planned in the series, which will be released on the streaming platform.

Although the main cast has not yet been announced, fans are looking forward to the launch of the drama, as it is expected to set a precedent in both the genre and the idols.

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