Ida Galich hinted at an affair with blogger Stas Kruglitsky

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Ida Galich

Ida Galich’s affair with blogger Stas Kruglitsky, who became famous on social media thanks to funny videos about Santana Novikova, was discussed back in February, but none of them publicly commented on the rumors. Finally, Galich touched on this topic on the radio show “Russian Peppers”, where she was invited in connection with the premiere of the cartoon “Finnik” (she voices one of the characters) and asked about personal:

I cannot comment on this topic. I was lured on the subject of “Finnik” to talk about my personal life,

– Galich left the answer.

The hosts pinned the guest, noting that Stas Kruglitsky was “good at himself.” Ida did not deny this and replied:

I’ll look at him then.

The other day Galich and Kruglitsky attended the premiere of the film “Finnik”. Also in a recent interview, Ida admitted that her spring “passes in a special way” and this is due to a romantic story. Ida’s followers are sure that in this way she is hinting at a relationship with Stas.

Ida Galich

Stas Kruglitsky
Stas Kruglitsky

The bloggers’ novel began to be rumored after their fans noticed that both often liked and commented on each other’s posts. In addition, on the pages of Ida and Stas on social networks appeared photos from a trip to Italy, taken in the same places, from which subscribers concluded that they were vacationing together.

Ida Galich and Stas Kruglitsky, also known as Stas Prosto Klass, have known each other for more than a year. Galich was previously married: in 2020 she divorced after two years of marriage to Alan Basiev, from whom she has a son Leon. Almost nothing is known about Kruglitsky’s personal life, the blogger only mentioned that there were three serious relationships in his life, but the wedding did not take place.

Ida Galich and Alan Basiev
Ida Galich and Alan Basiev

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