Ida Galich encountered hatred on the Web

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Public people often face hate on the Web. Ida Galich was no exception. The girl could not stand it and decided to respond to her haters, who do not stop sending her angry messages and even threats.

Ida Galich

“I really want to convey to people one important point. Because of the curses in my direct body, I can’t do what I’ve always been able to do now – help. A person I can physically help can really write to me right now. But I will not see his messages because of the negativity that people or bots send me. Please, before you write “die, creature, think!”, – Ida Galich answered.

Ida Galich

By the way, now in the life of Ida Galich there are changes. Two years after the divorce, the blogger finally found a new love (they say that it is Stas Kruglitsky). Ida has also taken her health seriously shared the results on the Web.

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