“I would not believe anything”: Natalia Vodyanova’s mother about the changes in her daughter’s life

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Natalia Vodyanova and Antoine Arnault

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“It was only years later that I learned that this turn was not an easy one… When she left for Paris, she literally started sending money from there. I remember receiving the first transfer from her, $ 200, gasped: in those days it was a huge amount! I decided that my daughter in France was bathed in money. And then it turned out that Natasha rented an apartment with other model girls and gave 70% of her earnings to the agency. The remaining funds had to be used for food, clothing, and housing. ”

– Larissa said.

She says that her daughter saved literally everything: she bought the cheapest and not very useful food, she preferred to walk so as not to spend on the subway, and all in order to send her relatives at least a little money.

Vodyanova’s mother said that her life had changed her daughter greatly. At first she was very shy, timid, not too talkative.

“And if someone had told me then that my daughter would communicate with the luminaries of fashion, culture and business, I would not have believed anything. Contrary to my fears, Natasha quickly adapted to the new realities. Her life has changed a lot: today she is not so soft and flexible, she can say “no” and clearly follow her line. At the same time, she remained very kind and empathetic in her soul. ”

– Larissa shared with wday.ru.

Vodyanova’s first husband was a British aristocrat. Natalia gave birth to Justin Portman’s three children – sons Lucas, Victor and daughter Neva. They divorced 10 years later. It was only later that it became known that Portman had nothing but the title and the family castle that needed to be maintained. The earner in the family was, in fact, Natalia.

Her second husband was the son of one of the richest men in the world, Bernard Arnault, Antoine. Natalia and her children moved to France with him. She gave birth to her beloved two sons – Maxim and Roman. And only after 10 years of living together Vodyanov and Arno officially formalized the relationshiphaving played a modest wedding.

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