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“I will pass Tahen if another person reaches out to me” – POPCAKE

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ARMI screwed up one of the spectacular and impressive videos with you (V) and Chonguk (Jungkook), where the guys stand almost opposite each other in formal suits. Chonguk, on the right, takes a step forward toward Tae, but walks past, smiling and moving to someone’s outstretched hands appearing in the frame.

Tae looks out of the corner of his eye and, realizing that Golden McNae was not moving towards him at all, prefers not to react to what happened, not to turn around. He remains calm, but, according to viewers, is experiencing a storm of emotions inside. The second video really looks like a scene from a romantic movie. It seems that such a project would bring HYBE a few extra billions, if management agreed to shed light on the history of the relationship GK and TeTe on big screens.

ARMI created a conversation on the fan portal to discuss what exactly the moments of the guys’ lives should be in the movie about a couple from BTS and came to the conclusion that it is necessary to touch upon: the first day at BigHit and the acquaintance of the shouters, working moments and awkward meetings, scandals, parting in the show “In The SOOP”, reunion and dramatic finale at the request of the director. Well, I would like the guys to do great in real life regardless of the denouement in the paintings.

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