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I watched the movie “Everything is everywhere” in the Russian cinema. It’s just a must see

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Thought nothing was going on in the movies now, except re-renting old movies? But no.

This week saw the release of “Everywhere and Everything” by Buddy Movie director “Swiss Man’s Sword” Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert and the directors of “The Avengers” by the Rousseau brothers. The latter, however, only acted as producers here, but their contribution is in fact felt, although it is small.

And, you know, the name of the project really corresponds to what is happening on the screen. Here the authors tried to fit everything, everywhere and at once.

We have already seen the novelty and are in a hurry to share our impressions.

Parade of absurdity, I just can’t

Be prepared that this movie will overwhelm you with information about the multiverse. Not like Marvel, but with its own, VERY specific vision.

‼ ️Attention, spoilers are possible‼ ️

Evelyn Wong and her husband Weymond, who emigrated from China to the United States in search of the “American Dream”, became owners of a small laundromat and became embroiled in tax returns and problems with their own relationships. The latter grew so negative that a kind-hearted husband decided to divorce.

Under the burden of constant problems, Evelyn breaks down every now and then. Wong’s daughter, Joy, is trying to build her own life, which goes against all family traditions and beliefs. She is dating a girl who has almost forgotten Chinese and does not help with laundry at all. At the same time, her grandfather arrives, who in no way can talk about the girl Joy, although she herself wants to tell about everything.

And here comes the turning point in the life of the family. Evelyn is approached by her husband, but from another universe. He is not at all like himself in character, resembling a secret agent. All existing universes are in serious danger, and only it can help prevent it.

‼ ️The end of spoilers‼ ️

The degree of absurdity of what is happening is constantly jumping. The plot is based on an infinite number of conventions, and it’s even to his face. The authors do not try to show a serious film with a deep meaning, but constantly throw themselves from a depressing tone to an inadequate one.

And the film is presented in a bold style, it every now and then throws new information and bright shots on the screen. Only you have time to get a little bored of the dialogues – BAC – again something dynamic and beyond reason action.

The level of stupidity sometimes exceeds understanding. It seems that you look and see an adequate picture, everything fits into what is happening, and then suddenly Evelyn finds herself in a world where all people have sausage hands. From such moments immediately arises a misunderstanding and a slight bewilderment.

However, they quickly break into the screen and leave it just as suddenly, which is why they do not take the viewer out of context, but simply add humor, on which almost the entire plot is built. Humor is also specific here in some places. The main thing is how a person “gets” into another universe: through actions that he would never have done – from the harmless “swap sneakers” to “put the snot in another’s mouth” and so on.

Due to some joking situations, they even put a rating of 18+. Do not think that 18+ will give you blood on the screen, here this age is used for another.

Emphasizes the absurdity of what is happening and the main evil. Huge black donut. Well, you get it.

Kwan, Scheinert and the Rousseau brothers deftly cope with the ever-creating chaos due to another a crazy attempt to switch between universes.

As for the cast, there were no problems here either. This is not an Oscar contender, and you do not expect the heroes to behave accordingly. This does not mean that everyone is showing off and constantly overplaying. Not at all. When the script demands it, absolutely the whole cast can squeeze out the right emotion.

However, there are some flaws both in the script and in the acting. But before that I do not want to dig.

The picture is one of the main advantages of the film

The visual component is incredibly pleasing to the eye.

They are constantly displayed on the screen spectacular scenes with bright and dynamic moments. The contribution of the Rousseau brothers is immediately apparent. The cameraman often chooses the most unusual shots, moves after the characters and objects.

Battle scenes are also on the level. The characters just love to use improvised items. Not as skilled as John Wick, but also somewhat ingenious.

In general, the action is remembered for its versatility, it never focuses on one thing. And the plot at the same time corresponds to its surrealism. The result is an almost perfect balance for an insane attraction. Although occasionally there is a bust.

The dynamics here is emphasized by the soundtrack. But it lacks stars from the sky, no soundtrack is left in the head.

Everyone watch!

“Everything Everywhere and At Once” tries to incorporate all the elements used in cinema: from simple silly humor to a serious topic of generational differences, from dynamic action to monotonous dialogues. And he succeeds.

In my opinion, many scenes could have been avoided, they are clearly designed to stretch the timing (and it is quite large – almost 2.5 hours). Because of this, a feeling is occasionally created protractednessbut he is quickly interrupted by a cheerful change of mood.

This is a really high-quality attraction that you may even want to reconsider in the future. We go to such a movie to relax, and we all need a rest now, especially at such a difficult time.

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