“I think I will learn to sew”: Elena Zakharova is forced to survive

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The actress was shocked by her meager salary.

Elena Zakharova’s work is not always appreciated. The star of the series “Cadets” named how much she gets for playing in the theater.

“I have never received more than 20,000 rubles in the theater. But my employment record from the institute is there. Although money is important to me, not everything I do for money. For example, I have poetic projects – for fun.

Now Elena is thinking about how to increase her income, because you can’t go for such a salary.

“I was a shopaholic. But now what kind of shopping can we talk about? We must rejoice in what we have. I’m thinking about learning to sew. I used to make good money, fly around the world, dress in boutiques, never skimp on clothes. I bought only expensive things, ”Elena recalls.

However, the actress does not complain. Elena admits that she never had the desire to go head over heels and get roles at any cost.

“I faced an incredible amount of meanness in the acting profession. They smile in your face, and as soon as you turn away, intrigue ensues. But I am glad that I am intelligent and educated, ”the actress said in an interview with “Express newspaper”.

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