“I slapped her”: Valeria spoke candidly about the problems with her daughter

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Valeria’s older heiress Anna Shulgina now calls herself Shena. In a candid interview, the actress admitted that her daughter made her nervous.

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Having changed her name to the sonorous “Shena”, Anna Shulgina began its journey in show business. Recently, the girl gave a very candid interview, in which she said that in her teens she “wondered” a lot. There were allegedly cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

The star mom does not hide that there were many problems with the girl. When Anne turned 13, her parents transferred her to an elite foreign school for girls. Valeria’s institution was recommended almost as an institution of noble maidens, but it was there that the first serious difficulties began.

Anne had to enjoy a wonderful view of Lake Geneva with her classmates who were two years older. Fifteen-year-old girlfriends lived by their rules and did not like quiet excellent students. I had to “join” the team.

“Drug tests at school were done regularly, and she had all of them negative. But she interacted with the girls and told that she had seen horrible stories with breakage and other horrors. This is such an elite school, ”Valeria said.

After finishing her first school year abroad, Anna flew home on vacation. Everything went well, but on the eve of leaving back to Switzerland, the schoolgirl decided to “come off” properly. According to Valeria, her daughter came home at midnight, drunk and crying.

“Of course, she got it from me in full. Then I slapped her for the first and last time in my life. And the next day we decided that she would not go to any school, “the star said.

The singer took her daughter on tour. On the way, the girl began to study in the Moscow school program and continued to study in Russia. She was escorted to and from school by security guards.

“Yes, the fact that people passed at the age of 18, reaching freedom, to adulthood, the daughter passed at 13. But everything is fine in the end. And now I think:” God, I can not even believe that I had problems with the child “. … … And Shena has changed, we are now straight girlfriends and we understand each other very well,” the artist admitted.

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