I read the book Conversations That Change Lives. Exponential Coaching Techniques ”and gained self-confidence

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“Conversations that change lives. Exponential Coaching Techniques »

Author: Mikhail Saidov

The small book contains 10 chapters, each of which is a separate story with its own problems and experiences. The author tells in simple words who the coach is and what his main goals are. Moving from one story to another, each reader can find something of their own and try to transfer the considered situations to their lives, their problems, to easily find a solution and way out of them.

At first glance, it may seem that this is another book about motivation and achieving the desired. But this is not the case. First, the book tells in detail who the coach is and what his job is, and I thought about the representatives of this profession in a completely different way, based on movies and all kinds of training. Secondly, after reading, you do not want to run away to perform feats, as is usually the case with books that persistently inspire us “You can”, “You will succeed” and the like.

As I flipped through the last page, I felt completely calm and confident. Lately, having lost my footing, I seem to have taken a breath of fresh air.

The deepest insights we receive in life often come from within. And most often they are very obvious and simple.

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