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Falling in love and parting was for Elizabeth Taylor as natural as breathing.

Her life was akin to a royal one – almost every step of the actress was discussed in the media. Books and films were written about her. has collected amazing facts about the “Queen of Hollywood” Elizabeth Taylor, who could turn 90 on February 27.

Liz got to the set at the age of 10 thanks to her mother-actress Sarah Sozern. The debut was the picture “Every minute a person is born.” And everyone immediately paid attention to the young actress. The girl was considered extraordinarily attractive as a child: due to a rare mutation, her eyelashes grew in two rows, and her eye color was bright blue, with a hint of lavender.

We can say that the girl was born a charming beauty with “too grown-up eyes”. But not … a brilliant actress. Nowhere to study, however, she became the “Queen of Hollywood.” And later she admitted that she does not remember when she was not famous. “I’ve never taken acting lessons in my life,” Taylor said. “But I hope I learned from him by watching.” Marlon Brando, Spencer Tracy, Montgomery Clift and Jimmy Dean. They were very educated in the dramatic arts. “

The actress became popular when she was only 12 years old – then her life included expensive gifts, large fees, numerous photo shoots. In the movie “National Velvet” Liz played a rider Velvet from a large English family. To do this, she had everything: experience in riding school, British accent (the future actress was born and spent an early childhood in London). However, at first the producers tried to “work” with Liz. They thought that she needed to grow up a little, wear braces, correct the shape of her eyebrows. And also change the beautiful name of Elizabeth, for example, to … Virginia. And make Taylor new Avu Gardner. Fortunately, not everything was in their power.

Elizabeth Taylor in the film “National Velvet”, 1944. Photo: g90

The only one in the family, Liz earned during the Second World War and early began to behave like a real movie star. She was late always and everywhere. As soon as she grew up, she began to swear like a shoemaker. And at the same time she looked stunning: clothes, makeup, jewelry – everything was flawless, stylish. Besides, one take was enough on Taylor’s set. The talent was not immediate, but it showed. So the actress was called “One take Liz”.

Taylor is the winner of three Oscars: for Best Actress in “Butterfield, 8” (which the actress called the worst) and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” humanism “, which 61-year-old Taylor was awarded in 1993.

  Frame from the movie
Frame from the movie Butterfield, 8, 1960

Participation in the filming of the drama “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” ended for the actress not only a high award, but also health problems. For the role of Martha Taylor, it was necessary to recover by 15 kg. But then she could not get rid of them for a long time. And evil tongues began to talk that the actress “drinks and stings.”

  Cleopatra, painting by Wilhelm Kotarbinsky.

One of the most famous, but not the most successful paintings of Elizabeth Taylor – “Cleopatra”. The most expensive film in the history of cinema (incredible beauty of scenery and costumes, thousands of people, stars of the first magnitude), it almost ruined the studio “20th Century Fox”. The filming (which cost 44 million dollars) paid off only four years later, when the rights to the TV show were sold. Taylor categorically did not want to act as the sexiest woman in ancient history, so she asked for a fabulous fee – 1 million dollars and 10% of fees. Surprisingly, the producers immediately agreed. It was an unprecedented case. Work on the picture took several years – Elizabeth suddenly became seriously ill and underwent surgery. She even managed to “bury”. But she still starred in the movie. And Cleopatra’s make-up, double black eyeliner, invented by the actress, has become fashionable forever.

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra.
Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. Photo: Cinetext Bildarchiv

After playing dozens of roles in movies (several films with her participation now in the Hollywood Golden Fund), Taylor was forced to almost leave filming at 45 years old. His career went into decline, the films were no longer so successful. The actress has launched her own perfume line. She was involved in charity. She began helping the AIDS movement (several of her gay friends died of the disease).

Irish by father and Jewish by mother, Taylor converted to Judaism in her fourth marriage, and in 1976 offered herself as a hostage in exchange for the freedom of Jewish hostages hijacked by an Air France plane in Uganda. She contacted the Israeli ambassador. He, of course, refused the offer of the actress. But he remarked, “The Jewish people will never forget that.”

In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked Taylor 7th on the list of greatest stars in the history of cinema.

After living 79 years, the actress collected one of the most expensive private jewelry collections, which even included the famous pearl of Peregrin. The sale of jewelry at auction after Taylor’s death brought charitable foundations $ 156 million.

Taylor was considered a conqueror of men’s hearts. At the same time, she herself once remarked: “I only slept with those whom I was married to. How many women can boast the same? ” The actress has been married eight times. But she had … seven favorite men. Twice she tried to enter the same river with a colleague Richard Burton. It was a tumultuous, passionate relationship. With betrayals, reconciliations, expensive gifts. The couple starred together in 11 films, adopted a three-year-old girl Maria. But even that did not save their marriage.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.
Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. A scene from the movie “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

The actress went to the crown for the first time at the age of 23, the last time – at the age of 59. The first husband was the heir of a millionaire Hilton (marriage lasted 9 months). The last one is a simple working guy, whom the actress met at an alcoholism clinic. In between were two actors, a pop singer and a politician. But only marriage to the producer Michael Todd, 24 years older, Elizabeth later called the happiest. In her memoirs, she wrote that she adored her husband and was ready to spend her whole life with him. But fate measured them only a year. “No! No! Not Mike! Only not Mike! God, please, not Mike! ” Elizabeth shouted when she learned that Todd’s light aircraft, which he called “Happy Liz,” had crashed. The actress had to fly with her husband. But I got sick and stayed at home …

Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth lost her child from her marriage to Conrad Hilton when her husband caused a scandal and raised his hand against her. The actress gave birth to two sons from the actor Michael Wilding. Liz’s daughter is from the singer Eddie Fisher.

Recent years have been a constant struggle for Taylor’s life. Diseases, surgeries, alcohol and drug addictions … She admitted her weaknesses in public and underwent treatment. But it was no longer the magnificent Elizabeth Taylor, but the old sick woman. With the remnants of the former beauty. In February 2011, the actress was hospitalized with heart failure. For almost a month, doctors tried to save the world celebrity. However, all efforts were in vain. On March 23 of the same year, the 79-year-old Hollywood star left this world.

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