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The pilot “Mercedes” Lewis Hamilton did not rule out the appearance of a feature film about his family in the future.

The seven-time Formula One champion is currently working on a documentary about his career and life for Apple. Hamilton admitted that he was inspired by the film “King Richard” about tennis players Serena and Venus Williams. Actor and friend of Hamilton Will Smith received his first “Oscar” for the leading male role in the film. The Smiths and Williams sisters were also producers of King Richard.

“I was very lucky, because I talked to Serena and Venus throughout the process. And, of course, I know Will and I’m very proud of his work. I know he won awards and all that, but I was more moved by the story itself. We have all seen them both grow and succeed.

There are people behind every success, and the same goes for me, because I have a great family, without them I would not have achieved this. I hope one day I will do something like that.

Such things inspire families. Of course, everyone wants the best for their children, they want to create better opportunities for them and guide them in the right direction, but do not overdo it. I think the film shows it perfectly, “Lewis said.

At the moment, Hamilton’s priority is a documentary from Apple:

“We are currently working on a documentary, and I am focusing on it. I believe that everything needs to be done in time.

Maybe one day I’ll do the same. I am very inspired by the way Will and his team worked. And these two iconic athletes – I’m proud of them. So yes, maybe one day it will happen. “

Lewis also said he was involved in another project:

“Without a clue who would play me, we need to study everything. But now I’m actually casting for another project. Quite an interesting process. You read how the characters are spelled out, you think who will fit the script – it’s exciting.

In December last year, it was reported that the Briton will take part in making a film about racing. The film stars Brad Pitt.

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Apple will release a documentary about Hamilton

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