“I got such pipes”: Kirkorov quarreled with Netrebko

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The pop king revealed the secret of the opera diva.

Show “Mask” is the most classified project on Russian television, and therefore neither the members of the jury nor the participants themselves should talk too much. It was the long tongue of one of the judges that provoked the scandal.

Philip Kirkorov managed to quarrel with Anna Netrebko, who is a devoted fan of the show. It turned out that the pop king revealed the singer’s secret.

According to Kirkorov, Netrebko has a favorite on the program – a singer in a Dragon costume.

“Dragon, you know, I got such pipes from the great singer Anna Netrebko because of you. I thought you were her favorite. She said, “How could you hand me over to the world.” It was a secret, it turns out, “Kirkorov told the participant on the show.

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