“I don’t want to show up”: Aiza is going through hard times

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The singer brought her body to the limit.

Aiza Anokhin may be in a hospital bed due to constant experiences. The former wife of the rapper Guf admitted that due to stress her body was completely depleted.

“Stress has one plus – loss of appetite, which leads to weight loss … It makes little sense, especially in my case. I don’t want to show myself to anyone… Almost a month without sports. Muscles fell apart, skin kind of flabby. Probably because of the sharp weight loss. I still don’t really want to eat. Especially in the morning. Although I used to love breakfast. And now he is sick, ”Aiza admitted.

In an interview with PopCornNews, a physician Victor Lishin explained why appetite disappears during stress:

“The center of taste perception is damaged, the brain does not receive a specific signal, there is a violation of neural networks.”

The specialist said that there are several options for solving the problem:

“If you can not live this emotion yourself, put everything on the shelves, you need to see a specialist. And it’s best to talk to yourself and answer the questions: why did this stress arise, how can it be corrected, how important is it all. ”

Sleep, proper nutrition and physical activity are also important during such difficult times.

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