“I didn’t really like growing up – like everyone else, I think”: an interview with Basic Boy

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Basic Boy has released the album “Nobody, Never”. Lesha Gorbash, IMI’s head of content, found out why he had been silent for three years, whether he was worried that he had never had much success, and discussed low-quality music from the charts, “no Bandana” and similarities between Melon Music and Dopeclvb.

“You’re back from vacation now.” How is Thailand?

– We just got high for a month, I didn’t really want to come back. I slowly wrote something, drew. They lived in a villa, rode mopeds. You hang out on an island on the other side of the world, green, even just riding a bike – a separate kind of fun.

– How to return to the gray winter?

“We’re back at the wrong time, nasty.” You fly from Abu Dhabi above the clouds, everything is sunny. And then you sit down – everything is gray, minus eight, snow, nothing can be seen. You fly in and think, “Why?

– Is winter different in Ufa?

– In Moscow and St. Petersburg in the winter some shit around. And in Ufa – cold, fresh, high. There, if winter is frost, if summer is heat.

– Why did you go on vacation a month before the album? Everything was ready and nothing to do?

“We’ve been moving the date for a long time.” [релиза], did a good promo – and were completely ready. And just broke. And this is the right topic: unload, get high. I love the flight process itself. We drove to Bangkok, a very inspiring city, crazy and cool.

– Just recently reviewed the second “The Bachelor.

“And I didn’t watch it completely.” But we were on the street where he was being filmed. There is a fierce krynzh, in establishments – game and divorce for money.

– You haven’t really released anything for three years.

– I would like to come up with some tragedies of life that would explain this. But then the whole world had a tragedy against the background of kovid. And it relaxed me. When you understand that no one is doing anything, you perceive everything easier. I scored on everything, immersed myself. The world around didn’t seem very rosy. For most of 2020 he wrote one song on the album. He just lived for himself. And then we got out of the country – it shocked me, I started mail for bits, found a nugget there, which ended up making three bits on the album – fierce style. And in a year he wrote everything.

– On what emotions did you write it?

– It’s easier for me to start from the way it sounds – and this is melancholy with hope. He is more down to earth because I grew up and felt the reality around me. Maximalism was heard on Superworld. Here I tried to feel the moment of growing up. And I didn’t really like growing up – like everyone else, I think. I wanted to translate it into music. Hence the name: “Nothing, never” – nothing and never will be as before. This is the mantra behind the album. We need to let go of the past and move on – there is also something there.

– There are a lot of lines that you want success – but it’s not there. How much does it press?

– The further – the more pressure, especially in the last six months. You handed over the album, you look at the options for the development of events and do not understand what will happen. One day he seems to have recorded good music and everything will be fine. And in the other – that it is completely beyond modern realities. That’s probably the case. I tried to simplify the album as much as possible. Here the topics are not so youthful. If creativity makes you think for a second – you will already cut off half of the audience. And this is not background music. I would like it to be included in the headphones and listened to from start to finish, and then my favorite tracks would be chosen.

– How to record music without confidence?

“Easy, as you can see.” I believe in it, but people need to believe. And this is difficult. Let’s see where this will take me.

– You read that “lost among the legends.” How do you perceive success Boulevard Depot?

– This line is not about him. Rather, about the circle of people with whom I started synchronously, and they later became very popular. I thought, “That’s bullshit,” and they all fired. And vice versa – a bunch of artists you think about: “It’s meat, why don’t people listen to them?” As in the beginning with Big Baby Tape.

– Do you feel out of place when you look at rap charts?

– In general, I became more critical of looking at music. But I came up with a formula for myself: I don’t like low-quality music made just for profit. That’s why I don’t like Bandana. And I don’t understand bloggers’ music – it’s just content.

On the other hand, I like Melon Music, I understand their fun. I periodically chase the OG Buda album. I often see in the comments that “melons” are shit. I think that six years ago the same thing was said about Dopeclvb. As if nothing changes. This is entertaining music. And if you do it with humor and jokes – it’s cool, I laugh and break away from their stockings.

The main thing is that there was an idea and everything went from the inside. And when you get paid a huge advance and you just make music to beat it off, that’s another conversation. It is clear that there is a lot of shit around.

– Don’t you feel that rap has become too refined and polite? Everyone seems ashamed to criticize others.

– Yes, of course. One way or another, this is an industry, there are a lot of cool guys here, I find common ground with many, I avoid others. For me, the vent is a telegram channel. I started it to write an honest opinion about different artists. It’s like the GSPD story – I want these shitheads to see what they think about them. Let’s get rid of the hypocrisy, I think.

– In the song “Good Luck” Tveth reads that you “have not shot so far.” You realize he’s a little wrong. How do you define success?

– For me, the stars are Boulevard Depo, LSP, God forbid, Morgenstern, if we are talking about super-fame. And I’m completely with Dimon [Tveth] agree: we did not shoot in a global sense. I did not gather more than 500 people at the concert. And that’s my problem: I’m starting to compare. You think, “You, I’ve been doing this for so long, this year it’s the 10th anniversary of the first Dopetape and Dopeclvb himself.” Everything is still going very slowly, so he is right: they did not shoot, but hit the head. I recently spoke with Egor Nats. He says, “You just don’t realize how important they are.”

– Last year, Dopeclvb came together for the first time since 2017. How did it turn out?

– Everything happened very naturally. Glebast recently came to Moscow from his travels, Almas has been living here for a long time, Fedya i61 and I moved almost simultaneously. And no one was against. Almas just had a concert in Moscow, everyone thought, “Come on, cool.”

“Does this have a future?”

– It would be logical to give it a development, we are doing it now. It is clear what I am leaning towards. But I will say at once that we have not recorded anything yet. The process is running, hanging in the air.

– So, there will be a fifth “Dopetape”?

“I hope so.” But I don’t know what will happen. Because everything has changed since Dopet4pe, we have grown up and are doing our own thing. I hope we all understand each other, build strings between our heads. In short, it will be good. It would be epic to release it by the Dopeclvb decade in October. I want to make not a huge tracklist, but just something cool for a compact number of songs.

– How does Dopeclvb live in 2022?

– The main processes are launched by Fedya i61 and Nastya Tusina. Her brother Savely is very close to clothing. According to the classics, Niki Zimov deals with everything in general. The guys are preparing an NFT collection.

– And where is the interest in NFT?

– I will say here as if on behalf of the guys. I do not directly participate in this project, but I have seen many accompanying processes. It seems to me that this is a new round in the development of art. And Fedi really has a style: his whole universe with the ToT race is cool. He has always been an advanced unit. We need to grab new engines – and build our own on their basis.

– Will it directly affect the music?

– Do not think. Music will exist in any world suitable for it. And what it will be – a streaming album or a metaverse – is not so important.

– Do you feel that the industry is moving forward?

– There is definitely a lot more money, because there are more interested people. But because of that, there is more music that is just content. It is clear that in some places we also grew up on so-called music. I don’t want to say that the grass was green. But I think I’m less likely to be a connoisseur of good music right now. The numbers say the same thing. That is, there are cool guys from Melon Music who seem to be very popular right now. And at the same time there is “Bandana”, which in my opinion is completely non-existent – and there are numbers [прослушиваний] incomparable. Here it is necessary to make a reservation: I love Big Baby Tape, but Kizaru… (addresses the manager) Why are you knocking me down? What will he do to me, I’m in another country!

– How does the success of this album hinder you?

– Let’s see, I haven’t released anything for two and a half years, it’s more personal aspects. My music is aimed at a different audience. I’m just a critical person in terms of music. It’s a shame when something made a blunder attracts more attention than interesting projects.

– How does this criticism manifest itself in your own music?

– I want to do what they didn’t do before me. I’m not 100% sure, but I’m aiming for it.

– You read that you are confused by someone else’s opinion: “I look endlessly at other people’s phrases.”

– This is from childhood – for me, someone else’s opinion is important. And I don’t like it. And even worse than a negative opinion – the phrase “Well, the rules.” When there is no emotion at all. It’s silly to expect emotional involvement from friends when you turn on a track at a party. But when someone in a calm atmosphere gives me a sincere response, it helps me a lot. At the same time, I can walk morally in complete shit, such classic artistic pens. Now I work with a psychotherapist, it also helps. During the year in therapy he learned to look at his thoughts from the outside: where it comes from, what is the reason and what it will lead to. I would teach it in schools, these are basic social skills that are much more comfortable to live with.

– Does it help in creativity?

– The first track of the album was written under the inspiration of therapy. The therapist woke up the process of growing up. And it definitely blended into the album.

– How do you treat a hangover?

– This is about the track “Glass”! Listen, no way. I drink aspirin. For me, it has been more emotional in the last couple of years, because the amount of alcohol has erased some neural connections. I can be very cheerful with a hangover, and periodically covers – and very sad and angry. And to treat it was necessary – there is no such thing for a long time.

“Are you engaged now?”

– Yes.

– There used to be a lot of lyrics in your music. And now – no at all. Is it due to the fact that everything is good on the personal?

– Oh, I didn’t think about it. I like everything and I’m thrilled. And that’s not what I want to talk about in public. I am not close to love lyrics now. I think I have already written my best songs on this topic, now it is worth talking about something else.

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