“I can give the Peacemaker a stretch of 3 points out of 10. I’m ashamed that I spent time on this,” says Papic – Kino

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Streamer Daddy shared his opinion about the director’s series “Peacemaker” James Gunn.

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“I didn’t want to write retsuhu for a long time + I was ashamed that I spent time on it. TV series – “Shit Creator”.

And it’s a shame because it’s already clear from the poster that this is the saddest shit for superdowns. I watched almost 6 or 7 episodes for almost a month, and literally from the very first minutes from the very first characters and dialogues it was clear that the shit poster is 100% consistent with the shit content. This byproduct can be called a classic example of tolerant szhv-shit for degenerates with a brain liquefied by propaganda.

There is everything: the huge fat black Negro, and the white steel defeated by propaganda, which offers to kill people because they are racists, that is, universal evil, and chsvshnaya femka, and all kinds of krynjatina, which can only be imagined. Of course, with the icing on the cake – stereotypical hyperbolized crazy Kukluksklanovtsy who are just evil because evil!

This is ###### [ужас]. Modern culture is really scary. After all, someone is sitting on all this, and try to imagine communication with such an individual, literally humanoids-mammals without the rudiments of thinking, with a mongrel dog, and then you can talk more productively, not rofl if anything.

Well, in fact, as entertainment content still somehow looks, so I can stretch as much as 3 points out of 10. And, believe me, it’s very generous. But to look only at downs or those who have no special interests in life and time can be spent on the dumbest ##### [ерунду]”, – assessed the series Papich.

The premiere of “Peacemaker” took place on January 13, 2022, starring John Cena. A month later, it became known that HBO extended “Peacemaker” for the second season.

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