“I am still reading books about Russia and Putin. Moscow is a wonderful city to live in. ” McGeady on the period in Russia – Football

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Ex-player “Spartacus” Aiden McGeady reads books and watches films about Russia and Putin.

The Irishman spoke about it, recalling the period of performances for the Moscow club. McGeady played for Spartak in 2010-2013, becoming a silver medalist of the Russian Championship-2011/12.

“People thought I would last no more than six months in Russia. But I still read books and watch documentaries about Russia and Putin.

At Spartak, the doctor weighed you every morning and fined you if you were overweight. You trained in the morning, slept in your bedroom at the training base, and then at 6:30 pm you had another workout. I was at Celtic at 1:30 p.m.

But you have to accept the culture, and I liked it. It was harder for my wife when I went on trips, and she was left alone. But when we were together, our lifestyle was great. The nightlife and shopping are wonderful. This is a beautiful city that has lasted a long time, “said McGeady.

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