“I am not a monster to be exposed”: Simon Levaev denied the accusations made by deceived girls in the movie “Scammer from Tinder”

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The hero of the movie “Scammer from Tinder” Simon Levaev (born Shimon Hayut) in an interview with Inside Edition denies all the accusations voiced by the girls in the Netflix documentary.


“I’m not a Tinder Scammer.” I was just a lonely guy who wanted to meet girls from Tinder. I am not a monster to be exposed, “said the Israeli.

According to Levaev, he did not deceive the heroines of the film and did not threaten them. Levaev calls all their stories completely fabricated.

Levaev told reporters that he had never been the son of a major diamond tycoon and was engaged in “legitimate business.” The man claims that he bought bitcoin in 2011, which was then “worthless”, so now he has large assets.

“I do not have to regret something I did not do. I want to clear my name and explain to the world that all this is not true. I’m not a cheater. Without knowing me, people have no right to judge me, “Levaev said.

His new girlfriend, Israeli model Kate Conlin, also appeared in a video interview. She said she did not believe the accusations against her boyfriend, and noted that he never borrowed money from her.


Netflix released the movie “Tinder Scammer” in late January, based on conversations with three women who fell victim to fraud. Levaev himself refused to give an interview for the documentary.

The deceived girls said that Levaev arranged luxurious dates for them and created the illusion of a serious relationship. The swindler then made them believe that his “enemies” wanted to kill him, and in order to escape, he allegedly had to “lie down” and stop using his bank cards. Then he started asking large sums of money from his friends. In total, he lured them about $ 10 million.

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