“I am a Soldier”: Sergei Babkin dedicated a new version of the cult song to the most talented soldiers of the Armed Forces – News of show business of Ukraine

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The new version of the song is designed to raise the fighting spirit of our defenders and more

A new version of the song to listen to / Photo:

The cult song “Soldier” by the group “5`NIZZA” is known to everyone, even those who have not heard other songs of the group. But in the new realities when it comes 19th day of the warwhich Russia started against Ukraine, the song takes on completely different meanings.

New anti-war messages and inserts in the Ukrainian language, accompanied by difficult footage of the victims and the cities destroyed by the Russian occupiers Sergey Babkin presented the other day in an updated version of the song “Soldier”.

The composition also has a dedication:


It is necessary to hear and see!

Updated lyrics of Babkin’s song “I am a soldier”:

I am a soldier, I haven’t slept for a long time, but it feeds me with male strength

My homeland is under my feet.

I am a soldier to those who came to us with a leaky head

I’ll beat her off with my boots.

Oops, let the enemy scream in a torn mouth,

They will be dust – we tear them without fear.

The best of all medicinal drops – the Russian warship, go on * уй.

I’m a soldier, and believe me, I didn’t want a war,

But it fills all the live broadcasts.

I am a soldier, a soldier of my beloved country,

I am the hero of a free and new world.

Oh-yo-yo-yo, Yuei, Yuei.

I’m a soldier, and I see rockets flying into a peaceful house – it’s hell and Sodom.

I am very angry and strong, there are so many of us, Babylon!

I’m a soldier, and I know my business – my job is to stand,

That the corpses of the enemy may scatter the earth,

This ragga for you, Mother Nenka, you will be free, my dear.

I’m a soldier, and believe me, I didn’t want a war,

I’m a soldier, and I don’t care about torn wounds.

I am a soldier of a free and great country,

I am a hero, novels will be written about me soon.

screenshot from the video

We will remind, earlier Sergei Babkin recorded a song for Putin at the bomb shelter: No matter how long you live, you will still die!

Dear Ukrainians, keep calm, support and help each other. Our army gives a worthy rebuff to the enemy – we believe in the APU!

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