HYBE trying to make Trainee A second BTS?

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Many people believe that HYBE just trying to create a second one BTSbecause the schedule Trainee A now looks exactly like the schedule BTS many years ago.

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After TXT Big Hit Music (subsidiary HYBE Labels) launches a new men’s group. Although they were presented only within the project Trainee A, the group attracted a lot of public attention. Thanks to behind-the-scenes photos and videos of all 7 participants Trainee A attracted a strong fan base, ready for a grand debut.

Recently Trainee A went to Los Angeles for a rehearsal. The band also held a street show called First Busking Show, in which they put a lot of effort. Watching the activity Trainee Amany fans BTS noticed that Big Hit as if forced Trainee A to follow in the footsteps of their elders. Moreover, many fans also believe that the company wants the trains to understand the difficulties through which BTS passed during its debut.

However, many believe that HYBE just trying to create a second one BTS. All actions Trainee Asuch as a trip to the United States for promotion, mini-concerts, leaflet distribution, exactly the same as what they went through BTS. In addition, the audience exploded with anger when they saw the video Trainee A in Tiktok, which showed that one of the participants was ignored while handing out leaflets.

The public also thinks so Trainee A trying to sarcastically reproduce the old days BTSwhen they were not as popular as they are now. In the reality show “American hustle life 2014” BTS also handed out leaflets inviting spectators to a free concert, but some passers-by ignored them. It was a hard time for both BTSand for their fans.

Seeing the criticism of future idols, fans quickly tried to justify Trainee A. They said the boys were still training and hadn’t made their debut, so their concern about the show was understandable. In addition, in 2019 Uchan – a member of the group – also handed out leaflets.

Despite this, fans BTS still do not accept excuses. They said that Trainee A Is a group HYBE, so the group has no reason to fear a lack of audience. Therefore, the choice of such content, which causes mixed emotions in many, is not what the netizens expected.

Many people say that HYBE the intention to create the latter should be abandoned BTS. Trainee A deserve more than being called a “copy” of a more famous group.

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