Hugh Laurie finally launched himself

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The actor became untidy and unshaven, like William Defoe.

Fans of the main star of “Doctor House” sound the alarm, but perhaps in vain. Appearing on the streets of London with his beloved dog, Hugh Laurie showed that he had completely stopped watching himself. The once fit, clean-shaven and tidy actor now looks like a beaten old man – at the age of 62.

Having shared pictures paparazzi, the Mirror portal clarified that Laurie tried to stay relaxed, as if everything was going according to plan, but from the outside it looked as if Hugh was specially untidy dressed and stopped shaving, if only they stopped recognizing him.

“Is it dementia? Bruce Willis number two “,” Looks like my grandfather after a drunken night “,” Preparing for a new role “, – the opinions of commentators on the British portal about the appearance of Hugh Laurie were very divided.

In the coming months, Laurie will release a long-running series, “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?” – It is possible that the actor and director simply went to work with his head, ceasing to watch himself.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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