how Will Smith will be punished for an Oscar prank

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The actor can be held accountable for what he has done.

This week, everyone is discussing the Oscar ceremony. However, the focus was not on the films and artists who received the coveted statuette, but on the scandal with Will Smith, which hit the host of the event.

Such behavior is unacceptable at the Oscars. The organizers of the event in 2017 created a set of rules, one of which states that all forms of violence are prohibited at the awards. For violating this point, Smith may well be deprived of a statuette.

There is another point, which no longer concerns local rules, but US laws. Under California law, the actor could face up to six months in prison for his antics, according to Deadline.

All this will happen if Chris Rock writes a statement to Will Smith. So far he has not done so, but by law he still has six months to contact the police. The actor himself apologized publicly for the slap.

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