How to replace YouTube on Android TV

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YouTube – a unique platform on which many interesting videos are collected. Probably for all occasions. The official YouTube app has, in general, all the necessary features. True, YouTube for Android TV – not the most flexible application and hangs even on the most advanced TVs with Android TV. And the advertising that is present in the application for TVs, too, calluses the eyes. Today we will talk about what they are analogues of YouTube for Smart TV.

Here are some analogues of YouTube for Android TV that you will definitely like

Unofficial YouTube client

NewPipe – Great application that retains all the features of the main client for YouTube. Works not only on TVs, but also on set-top boxes. With its help you can not only watch, but also download videos in high quality.

The utility is open source and can be downloaded absolutely free. The application is not tied to Google services, so you can use it on devices without Google services. You don’t even need a YouTube account.

Great analogue of YouTube with all the chips

In the settings, you can select an external player for video playback, playback quality, and also assign a folder where files will be downloaded. Here are the features that NewPipe has.

  • Video information.
  • Ability to listen to it in the background.
  • Choice of content with age restrictions.
  • Playback history.

Download NewPipe

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YouTube without advertising on Smart TV

Another analogue of YouTube for Android TV is the application YouTube Vanced. Its main advantage is the lack of advertising. There is also a feature to watch YouTube without ads, as well as the ability to play in the background. The client does not require root rights and the availability of Google services, so you can install it with the official YouTube application and not remove it.

I really like to use this application on Android TV

  • The application has a fairly simple and clear interface, there is a light and dark theme of design, as well as many other useful features.
  • You can enable HDR.
  • Support for additional codecs to improve quality.
  • Automatic activation of codecs after mute.
  • Disable channel watermark.

There is one downside: the application has not been adapted for remote control. Use additional peripherals, for example, a keyboard. Tested – works!

Download YouTube Vanced

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How to download videos from YouTube to Android

Many readers our Telegram chat ask the question: how to download videos from youtube to your phone? Very simple: use SnapTube for this. As you can see, the application can also be used for Android TV. This client can download files from Instagram, Twitter and even Facebook. This is very convenient when you want watch video offline, without the Internet and advertising. Of course, you do not have to pay for the subscription.

The application also works on a smartphone – there are no complaints about it

The application is not overloaded with additional elements, so it will not be difficult to understand it. Downloads are very easy to manage: pause, cancel or resume downloads. If necessary, you can delete the downloaded file. What else can the application do?

  • Search by keywords and categories.
  • Convert video to MP3.
  • Multithreading mode.
  • Dark and light design theme.

Download SnapTube

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How to watch YouTube in 4K on TV

Watching video in low resolution on Android TV and even with advertising is a real blasphemy. To avoid this, use Smart YouTube TV – one of the best clients, which allows you to watch videos in high resolution and without advertising. It works stably, which is why it is very popular with owners of Android TVs and set-top boxes.

A very simple application that will easily replace the official YouTube client

The application supports several languages ​​and has several viewing options: 1080 Basic, 1080 Advanced, 4K Basic and 4K Advanced. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you best. More pros:

  • The program is not tied to Google services.
  • Voice control.
  • Remote support.
  • Existence of history of reproduction.

Download Smart YouTube

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How to watch YouTube on TV

Another handy one analog of YouTube for Android TV is an application SmartTube Next. It is ideal for TVs and set-top boxes, disables advertising and can be used absolutely free. The interface is not overloaded with unnecessary elements, so it will not be difficult to understand it.

I really liked the color scheme of this application. Quite unusual

The application is new, so some bugs and tweaks are possible. On the other hand, you can write to chat support, which will speed up the correction of errors. There are several languages. What else can this application do?

  • Background playback.
  • Log in to your YouTube account.
  • Autoframe support.
  • Animated video preview.
  • Video player settings.

SmartTube Next

To install these apps on Android TV, use our instruction!! In it, we talked in detail about how to do it from a smartphone or laptop.

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