How to replace Spotify in Russia

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The last two months have had a very serious impact on the consumer habits of technically advanced Russians. Apple Pay has stopped working, the usual bank cards are rejected when paying, the usual subscriptions expire, and the services themselves leave Russia.

However, not everything is so bad. Some losses can be replaced by domestic products. For example, the same Russian streaming services are quite capable of providing us with everything that Spotify or Apple Music. In this text, we have collected the most popular music streams that are available to Russians, and which can still be paid without suffering.

  • Yandex.Music. This is probably the first service that comes to mind. Quality application for smartphones and tablets, excellent algorithms for music selections, competitive price. Speaking of it: the service costs 199 rubles a month (or 1690 rubles a year), and often distributes free periods, especially for new users. In addition, for this money, “Yandex” gives bonuses in other services.
  • “VK Music”. Great choice for those who love the eponymous social network – your music collection will always be at hand. And tracks can be shared with friends right inside the VC, in messages or on your page. Price: 169 rubles per month for a VK Combo subscription, which includes other buns from the brand.
  • MTS Music. Streaming service from the Russian mobile operator is available not only to its customers, but also to anyone. 65 million tracks have been announced in the collection, and traffic from the application will be free for MTS subscribers. Cost: 169 rubles per month.
  • “SberZvuk”. This is the good old Zvooq, which was acquired by Sberom and branded by him. Sbersvuk is part of the SberPrime subscription, which also includes bonuses for Scooter, Market, Delivery Club and other ecosystem partners. Subscription price: 199 rubles per month or 1999 rubles per year.

As you can see, the “light did not come together” in foreign companies – in terms of music for sure. Russian services have developed enough in recent years and can give us everything we need. At the same time, you can quickly move your music library between services and continue literally from the place where you stopped. And the first month in most cases is given for free to try and understand everything for yourself.

In more detail about the pros and cons of the services listed above told our editor Denis Markov. And the editor-in-chief Georgy Lyamin protested several foreign services, which can replace Spotify.

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