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Shannon Doherty (Prue Halliwell)

Shannen came to the series as an absolute star. However, in Hollywood, she became famous not only for her talent, but also for her quarrelsome nature: back in the 90s, she was ranked “50 most vicious women of prime time” and left the popular series “Beverly Hills, 90210” after the fourth season. for disagreements with the team. In “Enchanted”, the actress lasted three seasons, after which she asked the question: she or Alyssa Milano (Phoebe). The producers made a choice in favor of the latter. Shannon left the show and TV screens for a few years.

In 2015, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The actress has filed a lawsuit against her former manager Tanner Mainstein, who improperly arranged her health insurance, which, in her opinion, she did not receive proper treatment and her cancer metastasized to the lymphatic system. In early February 2020, Doherty said that the disease had returned and she was now in stage 4.

Today, the actress continues her treatment and actively talks about all stages of treatment on social networks. Shannen is married to photographer Kurt Isvarenko.

Shannon, 2021

Alyssa Milano (Phoebe Holliwell)

The actress came to the series already famous, and the success of “Enchanted” only strengthened her status. After completing the project, Alice had several major projects, such as “Castle”, “Mistresses” and “Anatomy of Passion”. In 2009, the actress married Creative Artists Agency sports agent David Bagliari. The couple is happily married and is raising two children, son Milo and daughter Elizabeth.

Alyssa with family

Holly Marie Combs (Piper Holliwell)

After “Enchanted”, Holly continued to act, but could not achieve the same success. Her only significant project over the years was the series “Dear Deceivers”, but by season 4, the line of her heroine was reduced to a minor character. Holly has been married three times. In her second marriage she had three children. In 2019, she married restaurateur Michael Ryan and now lives with her family in Los Angeles.

Holly with her husband

Brian Krause (Leo White)

The Guardian of the Enchanted Leo was so liked by the audience that he quickly moved from a minor character to the main category. Before the series, Brian managed to star in the film “Return to the Blue Lagoon”, where his partner was 15-year-old Milla Jovovich. In 1996, Brian married model Beth Bruce, the marriage lasted 4 years. In the early 2000s, Krause became a favorite of women in America. He had a brief affair with Alyssa Milano at the Enchanted site.

In 2010, the actor had problems with alcohol, but he managed to overcome addiction. Brian continues to act actively, among his successful projects – the series “Castle”, “Dynasty” and “Madmen”. Krause can also often be seen in third-rate horror films. He lives with Los Angeles and is friends with Holly Marie Combs.

Brian, 2021

Rose McGowan (Page Matthews)

Rose came to the series in the fourth season to replace Shannon. Prior to her role in The Enchanted, she was known only as Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend. The producers did not lose with Rose: she raised the ratings and attracted a male audience. However, McGowan became famous for his numerous novels and loud statements. At various times, she was engaged to Robert Rodriguez, artist Davy Detail, and activist Ryan Dave.

The actress was one of the first to start the #MeToo movement and talked about sexual harassment by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Caitlin Jenner, Alyssa Milano and even current US President Joe Biden have also been criticized by Rose. In March, HBO released a documentary about Marilyn Manson’s abuse of Evan Rachel Wood. Rose supported her colleague, but noted that she did not abuse the singer.

Rose is 48 years old, she is in great shape and loves to experiment with looks
The actress lives in Mexico

Julian McMahon (Cole Turner)

The actor embodied on the screen the image of a demonically attractive assistant judge and a representative of the dark forces. Julian was invited to the series for several episodes, but due to high ratings left for three seasons. Julian is the son of the former Prime Minister of Australia, but he did not want to follow in his footsteps and first made a successful career as a model, and then mastered acting. After “Enchanted”, he continued to act actively, on his account such successful projects as “Body Parts”, the film “Fantastic Four”, “Premonition” and the series “FBI”.

The charming brunette has never been deprived of female attention: back in Australia in the late 90’s he was married to singer Danny Minogue (Kylie Minogue’s sister). In 1999, he married actress Brooke Burns, and they had a daughter, Madison. He had an affair with Shannon Doherty on the set of The Enchanted. In 2014, the actor married Kelly Paniagua, with whom he had met for 11 years. Julian does not run social media, but his photos of his wife embracing him often make headlines.

Julian and his wife

Kaylee Cuoco (Billy Jenkis)

“Enchanted” gave impetus to Kaylee’s career. She appeared in season 8 as a student of the enchanted – Billy. After the series, Kuoko was approved for a role in the popular series “The Big Bang Theory”, which made her a world star. The actress met Henry Cavill, and in 2013 she married tennis player Ryan Sweeting. The couple had been together for three years, after which Kaylee stated that her husband lived at her expense and filed for divorce. In 2018, she married the son of billionaire Carl Cook. Kaylee is happy and continues to act.

Kaylee and her husband
Kaylee at the Oscars, 2021

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