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Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy Summers)

The end of the 90’s was the peak of Sarah’s career: “Buffy”, the movie “Brutal Games” and the thriller “I know what you did last summer”. During the filming of the latter, Sarah met actor Freddie Prince Jr., in 2002 they married. Sarah and Freddie are still happy together and have two children, a daughter, Charlotte Grace, and a son, Rocky James. Sarah was recently asked: who would she like to see in the remake of the Buffy movie? The actress replied that Zendai would have coped well with this role.

Sarah, 2022
Sarah and her husband

David Boreanaz (Angel)

David got the role of Angel by accident: the manager of the series saw a charismatic guy on the street and invited him to rehearsals. The audience liked his character so much that the producers decided to launch a separate project “Angel”, which aired for 5 seasons. After that, David was actively involved in comedies, but the real world success came to him again in 2005 after the release of the series “Bones”.

In his personal life, the actor is also all right: in 1997 he married a social worker Ingrid Quinn, but two years later the marriage broke up. David’s second wife was Playboy model Jamie Bergman. The couple lived in a happy marriage and raised two children, until in 2010 the actor publicly confessed to treason. Jamie managed to forgive her husband, the Boreanaz family is still happy together.

A shot from the series
David in the series “Bones”

Nicholas Brandon (Xander Harris)

Nicholas became famous for his role as a shy and in love schoolboy, but he could not consolidate his success. Among the well-known projects in his filmography are the series “Thinking Like a Criminal” and “Private Practice”. In his personal life, Nicholas also calmed down: he was married to actress Tressa DeFille, and his second wife was Munda Ti, their marriage lasted about a year.

A shot from the series
Nicholas and Alison Hannigan

Alison Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg)

The role of Buffy’s best friend brought Alison fame, and she gained world star status thanks to three parts of the popular comedy “American Pie”, which came out in the early 2000s. In 2005, Alison appeared in the series “How I Met Your Mother”. The series became a hit, and her heroine Lily – a favorite of viewers. Alison successfully embodies comedic images on the screen, and films with her participation are sure to be a success.

In the personal life of the actress everything is fine: on the set of “Buffy” she began dating actor Alexis Denisoff, and in 2003 they married. The couple has been happily married for almost 20 years and is raising two children.

A shot from the series
Alison, 2021
Alison with her husband

Charisma Lee Carpenter (Cordelia Chase)

The actress likes to repeat that she does not like her name and prefers to be called “Chrissy”. Her heroine in “Buffy” fell in love with the audience and therefore her appearance with the spin-off “Angel” was logical. For this role she was nominated several times for the Saturn Award. Charisma is still actively filmed, in her filmography such projects as “Supernatural”, “Unstoppable”, “Lucifer”. Carpenter is divorced and is raising a son, Donovan.

Last year, Charisma wrote an open letter against director and screenwriter Joss Whedon, describing how badly he treated her on set. According to the actress, during the filming he threatened to be fired and called her “fat” when she was 4 months pregnant. The director did not remain silent and talked about his problems and even admitted that he persuaded 16-year-old Michelle Trachtenberg to have sex.

A shot from the series
Charisma, 2021

Michelle Trachtenberg (Don Summers)

Michelle Gellar has already come to the role of Buffy’s sister with a long track record and as a close friend of Sarah. The great success of the actress came after the release of the comedy “Eurotour”, as well as the series “Gossip Girl”. In her youth, the actress led a rather turbulent personal life and all the time fell into the secular chronicle: she met with Fall Out Boy member Pete Wentz, actor Sean Ashmore, rapper Kid Cudi. Now nothing is known about Michelle’s personal life.

In this frame, Michelle congratulated Sarah on the 25th anniversary of the series
A shot from the series
Michelle these days

James Marsters (Spike)

Vampire Spike was so popular with viewers that instead of a couple of series he became one of the main characters of the series for the fourth season. After the end of filming in “Buffy” and “Angel”, James continued to act actively. He has projects such as “PS: I Love You”, “Supernatural”, “Save Grace”, “Deceive Me” and “Rob the Loot”. In parallel with the filming, James is involved in music – performing with his rock band Ghost of the Robot. Since 2011 he has been married to Patria Rahman.

James in the image of Spike
James, 2021
James and Sarah

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