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how the Duchess and her daughter behaved in public

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8-year-old George and 6-year-old Charlotte behaved well in public. Body language expert Judy James believes the children rehearsed their birth carefully.

Kate Middleton and Prince William. Photo: Global Look Press

Kate Middleton is a prominent member of the British royal family. She is happily married to Prince William. It is noteworthy that the whole world is watching how their relationship develops, how spouses communicate in public.

They have children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and the young Prince Louis, who will soon be four years old. Usually spouses rarely appear in public with heirs.

But after the tour Central America Middleton and Prince William could not miss an important event. Queen Elizabeth II gathered relatives at Westminster Abbey, where a memorial service was held in honor of Prince Philip.

The couple appeared in the church with their older children. Catherine looked elegant in dress in peas and a hat. She dressed her six-year-old daughter in a blue coat, and her son was in a suit, like her father.

Many noticed that the children were very reserved. Charlotte didn’t usually miss the opportunity to grimace, but this time she didn’t even smile.

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte
Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte. Photo: Global Look Press

Body language expert Judy James believes that the children carefully rehearsed their birth. schoolchildren are on vacation, but their parents have taught them to be restrained.

“From the way George completely copied his father, it can be judged that behind the scenes were rehearsals and training,” – said the expert.

The psychologist is also convinced that Middleton and Prince William were proud of the children’s behavior.

“They proved to be proud and loving parents, continuing to introduce George and Charlotte to the official royal life. Kate gently pushed Charlotte forward. At first there were shy smiles, she looked touching, like a queen as a child. Soon Charlotte was chatting and showing a confident handshake, “Julie explained. OK!

Kate Middleton and Prince William with children. Photo: Global Look Press

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