How the director framed the actress: the story of a spicy shot with Sharon Stone in the movie “Basic Instinct” – News

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Photo: frame from the movie “Basic Instinct”

The most spicy scene in the film “Basic Instinct” appeared due to the ingenuity of the director and was a real surprise for Sharon Stone.

The famous thriller, directed by Paul Verhoeven, was remembered by many viewers because of a very candid scene during the interrogation of the main character Catherine Tramell. The creator of the film claims that Sharon was not averse to staring naked, but the actress has a completely different version of this episode.
According to Sharon Stone, the idea of ​​turning one foot appeared directly on the set and was not mentioned in the script. Then the director persuaded the actress to take off her underwear for a rather strange reason. Allegedly, a strip of panties cast a shadow on the dress and prevented a beautiful frame. According to the portal popcornnewswhile Sharon assured that no intimate details will be visible to the viewer.
What was the amazement of the actress when she saw that a rather erotic moment was in the final version of the film. But probably Paul Verhoeven was right, the spicy scene caused a real sensation and became the hallmark of the film.

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