How the cultural life of St. Petersburg has changed since February 24. “Paper”

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Representatives of other industries also complain about the deterioration of the situation with international cultural exchange – for example, the general director of the concert agency “Light Music” Ilya Bortnyuk in a conversation with “Paper” advised to “forget about the concerts of foreign artists.” According to him, the situation can change only after returning to “normal life, which we lived until February 24.” But Bortnyuk sees no preconditions for this today.

There are also difficulties with concerts of Russian performers: some musicians do not want to perform, others have left the country, and others are on the so-called blacklists, says Ilya Bortnyuk. There are plenty of examples: the suspension of concert activities stated Tequilajazzz, and Oxymiron conducts foreign concerts in support of Ukrainian refugees. The media as well reportedthat in Russia performances and even songs of artists who opposed the military operation were banned – for example, the leader of the “Aquarium” Boris Grebenshchikov.

All this will lead to the fact that the number of events will be reduced many times, Bortniuk is sure.

Ilya Bortnyuk
CEO of Light Music Agency

– No normal foreigners (except for musicians from China and North Korea) will come to us in the foreseeable future. Large concert venues will be closed if they do not receive significant rental benefits (which is unlikely) or will be reoriented from concerts to something else. But small underground clubs will feel quite normal.

The situation also affected the film industry, she said “Paper” A-One representative Vasilisa Shpot. On April 21, this St. Petersburg film distributor will release a new film by Louis Garrel “This new world“, But further plans are paused.

The A-One team also notes that the work of distributors is hampered by bank sanctions, which hinder the process of paying for films. Another difficulty is the blocking and restriction of many social networks. Facebook, YouTube and Instagram accounted for up to 80% of all promotional materials.

In addition, many international film companies have withdrawn from the Russian market and stopped issuing licenses to rent films in the country. Disney, Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures have suspended screenings of their films in Russia.Batman»Starring Robert Pattinson. The world premiere of this picture took place on March 1.

Among other things, due to the decision of Hollywood studios, some cinemas have begun to preserve the halls, says Vasilisa Shpot. “Stopping the maintenance of the halls is less unprofitable than continuing to keep them in working order,” she explained. “Especially since 70-80% of cinema revenues are blockbuster shows.”

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