How Psy made the “insidious plan”: New details of Shuga’s work from BTS on the track “That That”

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In another interview Dogs and Slush from BTS revealed new details of the work on the track “That That”. According to Allkpop, everything that happens can be called an “insidious plan” Dogs.

So, Slush noted that he did not expect everything to go so far:

Honestly, I usually didn’t have the desire or ability to have much contact with the people I worked with. I’m not one to offer to meet in person for work. But Dogs everyone begged me to come to him. During the work we hung out here and there. I seriously didn’t expect to even dance with Dogs. Ah… I thought I would just write a song and then suddenly…

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Dogs said:

We first met because I got word from him that he wanted to produce for me. And then he began to dive into it more and more. At first he just sang, then learned choreography, and then starred in a video. Our Jungi (insidious laughter).

Track “That That” with very active participation Shugi from BTS will be released on April 29 at 18:00 Korean time along with other tracks from the 9th full-length album Dogs.

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