how much she earns and what Elena Malysheva owns

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The TV doctor can afford to live on a large scale.

Filming on the First Channel is not the only way for Elena Malysheva to earn money. The TV doctor has at his disposal many companies and businesses – “Elena Malysheva Medical Center”, “Health Info”, “PM Partners”, YVM Corporation and “Elena Malysheva Diet”.

Malysheva’s biggest profits are the author’s diets – Elena sells ready-made food kits for weight loss. One such set, depending on the characteristics of the body costs from 14 to 20 thousand rubles.

“Elena Malysheva’s Diet” brought the doctor 460 million rubles in revenue in 2019 alone, of which 65 million – net profit.

Malysheva also trades in the face – the advertising business brings her 38 million rubles annually. The medical center adds another 1.8 million rubles to the piggy bank.

If we talk about working on television, then Malysheva gets rich by about 150 million rubles a year, reports “Express newspaper”.

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