How much is Yulia Baranovskaya paid for the show “Male / female”

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Julia Baranovskaya promised that viewers will definitely see new issues, just a little later – now, in connection with all the known events, The first channel suspended the production of entertainment content.

Fans of the show are looking forward to the return of “Male / Female” on the air, but we can say for sure – the hosts of the project are waiting for this cherished day no less. Everyone wants to earn and eat, but for Baranovskaya the income from this transfer is the main one.

Well-known blogger Rustam Solntsev said that for a month of work Arshavin’s ex-wife receives about two million rubles a month (21,400 euros at today’s exchange rate), and her co-host Alexander Gordon – one and a half to two times more.

It should be noted that just a little less than a year ago, the Express-Gazeta newspaper also started calculating Baranovskaya’s funds, and the journalists’ data differed somewhat from what Rustam said. According to them, Baranovskaya receives about 500,000 rubles (5.35,000 euros) a month, but in addition to “male / female” she has other “cash flows”. For example, Julia earned about 2 million rubles (21,400 euros) a month from advertising on social networks, and she was paid an average of 1.5 million rubles (16,000 euros) for conducting master classes. Also, Yulia receives 100,000 rubles a month for royalties for her autobiography “Everything for the better” (about 1,000 euros), and 340,000 (3,600 euros) from Andrei Arshavin – alimony for three children.

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