How Moby created the album Play – the best-selling in the history of electric music: locked in the bedroom and wanted to quit his career

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• South Side: “My favorite song on the record. I just don’t think it’s all that interesting. But there is something I like about it – it’s the plot. In fact, it is about disgusting immorality. This is a hilarious pop song about children who are so used to violence and become so insensitive that nothing reaches them. I liked the idea of ​​hiding subtle, very disturbing lyrics in a fun pop song. “

• Rushing: “One of my favorite songs on the album. I remember when I listened to the demo, Rushing was the only one I was sure of. And I really didn’t change it much from the demo to the finished version. “

• “7”: “Also one of my favorite tracks on the record, although it lasts a minute.”

• Down Slow: “The only songs I really like on Play are the quiet instrumentals. I really like all the songs from this place. I’m not very interested in the first five tracks on the album, but I’m very proud of the last five. “

• Run On: “It was one of the first songs written, and it was very difficult to put together because it has so many samples. I wasn’t using computers at the time. When I finished the track, I collapsed in exhaustion. “

• If Things Were Perfect: “For some reason I liked the name. Although there is no connection between the title and the song. I don’t know why he called her that. This is the most New York song on the album, I was inspired when I walked around Chinatown, the area of ​​two bridges, at about five o’clock in the morning. “

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