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Or why the new series from HBO is one of the best dramas of recent years.

“Mayor of Easttown” – a recent HBO project that seems to take us back a little to five or ten years ago, when television was ruled by serious dramas from HBO and Showtime, and the time for streaming giants such as Netflix has not yet come.

At the same time, “The Real Detective” was the main hit of television: a complex, grim series, concentrating on the characters, and without a single superhero.

And you know, that’s great.

Because “Mayor of Easttown” – This is a great series. A serious, thoughtful detective who meticulously builds his story and reveals the characters.

The only thing that looks downright unsuccessful in it is its stingy and gray description on KinoPoisk:

Meir Sheen is a female detective from a small town in Pennsylvania who is investigating a local murder while her personal life is falling apart.

In fact, “Mayor of Easttown” – is a complex structure, built on the banal story of the life of a small American town and its detective.

This is a detective who is at the same time a first-class drama, a real life tragedy, and a wonderful representative of the genre.

It has great directing and amazing acting. We are all aware that Kate Winslet is an outstanding actress.

But here she once again confirms how cool she is: her acting is simply incomparable. She deservedly received both an Emmy and a Golden Globe for this role.

The other actors, by the way, also do not fail.

But the main advantage of the series, in my opinion, is its script. The way it is built is top class.

Throughout history, many “Chekhov guns” have been hung, firing exactly where they are needed and exactly when they are needed.

And so, when it seems to you that you already have a rough idea of ​​where the story is going, and you form, as you think, the final opinion about a character, literally in five minutes it can change dramatically.

And you at the same time … will not feel deceived.

After all, the series is simply amazingly deceiving the expectations of viewers: unexpectedly, competently and damn organically. And you are both thrilled by the fact that the series really surprises you, and by how competently he does it.

Moreover, “Mayor of Easttown” does it at all levels.

As in the case of the main story, and in the case of some local plots and characters.

It always seems to you that “well, in general, I understand where all this will lead us.” There is always a feeling that you understand where events are going – and therefore, when they develop completely differently, this is the first time in a long time that allows you to really get excited that the series can be unconventional and extremely organic and holistic.

I warn those who have not yet watched: it will be further in the text block with medium spoilers. I will not spoil the main twists of the story, but I will touch on a couple of important plot points.

So, spoilers:

For example, a line with the hero of Evan Peters, a young famous detective who comes to help investigate the case.

He has revealed a high-profile case in the past, and before he appeared in the frame, he was presented as a panacea for all ills. But here he appears – and the picture collapses. Gradually, the viewer himself begins to notice this – because he does not look like a genius detective.

Then, closer to the middle, he will reveal his secret, and put everything in its place.

But we are already in a situation where things are not going as we expected. After all, we are used to the fact that a cool and eccentric cop is a completely different type of character.

Not at all the naive and rude guy we see on screen.

Or, for example, the most important line for the whole series Meyer and her son’s suicide.

By the way, pay attention to how we are presented with information about this. It does not fall out in flashbacks or in the revelation of the heroine, it simply consists of fragments, at one point becoming a whole – and we, the audience, it becomes clear what Meir went through and why she behaves like that.

The information is presented to us in excerpts, because Meyer deviates from this topic in every possible way and distances himself from everything connected with it. And we, based on this, begin to make our own assumptions: a strict and cold woman missed the moment when her son needed her help and maternal care.

After all, this is a view of the problem posed by other characters. And right up until the moment we see flashbacks related to my son’s drug addiction, and literally a scene similar to the scene from the movie “Basketball Player’s Diaries”, we realize: not enough warmth, but on the contrary, austerity and willpower, which we do not we expect from such a character as Meir appears before us.

There is also the line of the widow-wife of the deceased son Meyer – a drug addict who is trying to recover to become a good mother for her son. And you wait all season for something terrible and irreparable to happen, and in the end you get an adult and considered act from a person who was able to go against their wishes.

Which makes you look at her whole story arch in a completely different way.

And similarly, the series deceives your expectations about the detective line of the series: what you consider the main story line, is only a minor story, and the main events begin to unfold after its completion.

More precisely, no – they unfold from the very first scenes of the series, but they are built so deftly that you do not attach any importance to them until your attention is smoothly focused on their consequences.

And even completely meaningless scenes, suddenly for the viewer acquire a key meaning for the story.

End of medium weight spoilers.

And all of the above is keyly reflected in the main storyline. I will not spoil it at all.

“Mayor of Easttown” constantly makes you think that you have already solved his riddle: that you have already formed your opinion and attitude to the characters with whom the series introduces you.

That you already understand their motives.

Until they masterfully turn everything upside down, so much so that you only have to respectfully shake your head, admiring the script work.

And now those who have aroused your sincere contempt are already arousing your sincere sympathy.

“Mayor of Easttown” is a complex, life drama in which there are many difficult situations and severe consequences.

But at the same time, it even gives you a ray of hope.

After all, there is still a lot of room for sincere friendship, sympathy and recognition of one’s own shortcomings and mistakes.

Have you watched “Mayor of Easttown”? Write in the comments what emotions this series caused you.

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Have an optimistic day, guys! And, I’m sure, everything will be fine.

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