How major Rostov projects changed in March

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Construction was to begin in 2022 – even a map of the future tram network appeared. Back in mid-March, the city authorities told 161.RU, due to rising prices for building materials, the project estimate “can be adjusted.” The administration expected that in April-June the investor would apply for a concession.

But something went wrong: on March 23, Federal Deputy Prime Minister Marat Husnullin said it was impossible to modernize the tram network in Rostov due to sanctions: the project has already has risen in price for 9 billion rubles, and some of the components of trams “Sinara” were Western. In the end, it was proposed to allocate budget money for the construction of the Rostov Transport Ring section.

Despite the refusal of state funding, Sinara said it would continue pre-project work to modernize the Rostov-on-Don tram network. The company claims that the plans to participate in the concession, if it is announced, remain valid.

After the news from Rostov, the question arose about the fate of the modernization of the Taganrog tram network, which is in full swing. Sinara assured that they plan to complete all the work on time – by the end of 2022.

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