How have the members of the boy bands of the 90’s changed, in which every second one was in love

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The music industry of the 90’s experienced a real boom of boy bands. Young handsome guys performing romantic and dance compositions, in the blink of an eye conquered the world charts and at the same time the hearts of the girl’s audience. However, to achieve truly deafening success and to make their hits listened to to this day, only a few of them succeeded.

We are in set out to find out what members of iconic boy groups look like today, whose posters recently hung the rooms of millions of fans around the world.

Backstreet Boys

When someone says the word “boy band” somewhere, the first thing that comes to mind is the Backstreet Boys. “Guys from the backyard” (that’s how you can translate their name) started his ascent to the musical Olympus in 1993, and in a few years he still obeyed them. Their songs “I Want It That Way” and “Everybody” are still played on radio stations to the delight of many listeners.

Nick Carter

Howie Dorow

Hey Jay McLean

Brian Littrell

Kevin Richardson

‘N Sync

In 1995, five guys decided to unite to the group and call it the last letters of their names. However, the guys from ‘N Sync managed to break into the top of the charts only 4 years later, when they were taken over by the producer of their main rivals – Backstreet Boys. And the band’s frontman Justin Timberlake was destined to make a dizzying solo music and film career later.

Justin Timberlake

Jesse Chase

Lance Bass

Joey Photon

Chris Kirkpatrick


The most famous Irish boy band is Boyzone headed top of the charts after the first collapse of its main rival Take That in 1996. After the departure of lead vocalist Ronan Keating, the band disbanded, but, inspired by the reunion of other cool boy bands, reunited.

Ronan Keating

Mickey Graham

Keith Duffy

Shane Lynch

  • Fifth Boyzone member Stephen Gatley died in 2009.

Take That

Take That Music Band formed in 1990, is considered the most successful British project since The Beatles. This group opened the world to Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams, who shone both in Take That and later in their solo careers.

Gary Barlow

Mark Owen

Howard Donald

Robbie Williams

  • Fifth Take That member, Jason Orange, is final left the band in 2014 and has been leading a private life ever since.

Which of the members of these boy bands, in your opinion, has only gotten better over the years?

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