How “Brother” was filmed: bandits gave Buick LeSabre to Krugly, and one actor was almost shot

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17 facts about the shooting of the legendary film Balabanov.

Russian cinemas will show the dilogy again against the background of the withdrawal of Hollywood filmsBrother»And other films Балабанова. We remember how the filming of the cult film took place: budgets, fees, happy and sad stories.

  • Balabanov wanted to shoot “About Freaks and People”, but the producers refused to finance him, calling the script pornographic. The director decided to find the money himself and make a movie where you can earn a little extra money. His wife, Nadezhda Vasilieva, told about a call from her husband from Sochi, where the Kinotavr was held: “Boil soup for my arrival, five liters. And I will go to the country. ” At the festival, he met the winner of the award Sergey Bodrov, a non-professional actor who was just awarded for his role in the film “Caucasian Prisoner”. Balabanov was ignited by an acquaintance and a fresh idea: literally in a couple of days at the dacha he wrote the script, and a few months later the shooting started.

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  • The budget of the tape was only about 20 thousand dollars, and the director warned the actors that he would not be able to pay them much. But in the yard there were 90s, there was little work, and creative people were happy even in such conditions. However, Svetlana Pismichenko and Victor Sukhorukov after all, they earned good money by the standards of the time: Pismichenko was paid $ 1,000 and Sukhorukov $ 500. The rest, apparently, cost much less.
  • Many actors of the film were friends with Balabanov and played in “Brother” out of respect for the director. This is especially true of the many musicians involved in the filming. Among them were members of the groups “Nautilus Pompilius”, “Aquarium”, “2nd plane”, “Hummingbird”, “Prepinaki”, as well as Sergei Chigrakov and Vadim Kurylev. And the director has known Vyacheslav Butusov and Nastya Poleva for a long time and shot in Ekaterinburg in his early short films. It was very important for Balabanov to shoot real musicians in his film, so that the audience would believe that Danila Bagrov is also real.
  • Butusov provided his music for the soundtrack for free – in exchange for Balabanov’s promise to shoot a music video for the new song “Nautilus Pompilius”. The director kept his promise, starring Sergei Bodrov and Maria Milyutina, who played Kat. But the official soundtrack to “Brother” was released only three years later, after the release of the second part of the film.

  • All scenes with Yuri Kuznetsov, who played a German, were filmed in four days. Real homeless people took part in the filming. Kuznetsov got so used to the role that one of them once asked him for a whole pack of cigarettes, and then said: “I respect you very much as a former artist.” He thought that Kuznetsov had really lost everything and now lived on the streets.
  • Sukhorukov does not speak in his own voice in both films of the dilogy. Balabanov asked Alexei Poluyan to voice Tatarin. Poluyan played a small role in the film as the killer of the Mole (he shot Danilo and ruined his player). Viktor Sukhorukov is not against such an approach: “I will never be offended, even if you voice Sukhorukov in a woman’s voice. These are the director’s concept and the producer’s decision. And I did my job. “
  • There was a desperate lack of money, but the case provided the film crew with film. The Americans then filmed “Anna Karenina” starring Sophie Marceau in St. Petersburg and forgot a whole box of fresh Kodak film. It was on her that “Brother” was filmed. However, there were few stocks, and Balabanov warned the actors that he would not make more than two or three takes.
  • The roles of Sveta and Tatarina were written especially for Svetlana Pismichenko and Viktor Sukhorukov. Balabanov has already worked with both of them in the film The Castle, and with Sukhorukov he even lived in the same communal house for some time.
  • Andrei Fedortsov (director Stepan) was trying to find at least one role when he was noticed by Balabanov. The director invited Andrei to rehearsals, where he asked him to be scared. Fedortsov clearly managed to portray fear, because he got the role of a man who all his screen time is just afraid for his life. The actor’s fee, apparently, was small – Andrew spent it on pies.
  • The actors’ wardrobe is a separate song, for example, Svetlana Pismichenko played in her own plaid shirt and jacket. Danila Bagrova’s famous stretchy sweater was bought by a costume designer at a second-hand shop in St. Petersburg for 35 rubles. It seemed to the director that Sergei Bodrov looked too brutal in it, and the image was softened by a windbreaker found somewhere. Later, Danila Bagrov’s style will become informal, and the sweater will become a cult item.
  • Tatarina’s clothes were searched for by all her acquaintances: a green coat was a thing of Nadezhda Vasilieva’s, which she bought in Germany. The yellow jacket was lent by the actress’ brother Anastasia Melnikova, and a colorful tie was given to Nadezhda’s father the day before. Sukhorukov of small stature, these things suited him perfectly.
  • Sergei Murzin came to the rehearsals of the bandit Krugly in a red jacket, a long cashmere coat and a gold chain around his neck – and got the role from the doorstep. Immediately after the release of the film, Murzin had fans from the world of crime. They showed him respect not only in words but also in deeds – once a new Buick LeSabre was fitted directly to the actor’s entrancebelieving that Krugly should not ride the old “five”.
  • For the role of Sveta, actress Svetlana Pismichenko specially learned to drive a tram: she was given a written-off cargo copy, an instructor and half a day to study. While Pismichenko was dealing with levers and pedals – the make-up artist of the film decided to check how the actress will look in the frame, and approached the standing tram. Then Pismichenko suddenly became entangled in the pedals and moved straight to the make-up artist. The latter still managed to jump off.
  • Another unpleasant incident on the set ended not so brightly. In one of the final scenes, Danila Bagrov shoots Svetlin’s husband Pavel Evgrafovich. Sergei Bodrov: “I will never forget how the scene with Vladimir Ermilov was filmed when I shot him in the legs from the edge. There was more smoke, so the gunpowder was not spared. And here is the shooting, a doublet shot, a roar, smoke, it falls like a mown down … Excellent, shot! The smoke dissipates and the artist lies in a pool of blood – above the knees two holes from the wads. After that, I try to shoot past, and the pyrotechnics at Lenfilm, they say, are still on display in front of him … “.
  • The concert of the group “Nautilus Pompilius”, which was attended by Danila and Sveta, was actually a concert of the group “Chizh & Co” in the DC. Горбунова. Fans of rock from all the surrounding cities came to the concerts, so the hall was always crowded. The actors then literally jumped into the crowd from above, the film crew got on stage, shot the necessary material and left, and Bodrov and Pismichenko remained in a drunken and quite aggressive crowd. Then the actors remembered it as the most unpleasant episode of filming – they got out of the crowd with great difficulty, which almost crushed them.

  • Maria Milyutina, who played the informal Kat, was then a student at the theater university and had nothing to do with her character: she never spoke slang or dressed like her heroine. For a long time, Kat could not find a small coat and ankle boots. The jacket was eventually found by Nastya Poleva, and the boots were lent by the daughter of cameraman Sergei Astakhov. Maria quickly got used to this role and even came up with her own outfits and hairstyles.
  • In the final scene, in which Danila leaves for Moscow in a passing truck, cameraman Sergei Astakhov starred as a truck driver. There was simply no one to get behind the wheel: none of the actors had the right driver’s category, and the stuntmen could not play the hero the director needed. As a result, Balabanov asked his cameraman: “Let’s shoot you, we need a Russian face.”

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