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The influencer said that made her trip unforgettable.

The Coachella Valley Fashion and Music Festival is one of the largest festivals in the world, dreaming of people from all over the world. This opportunity came from Kate Bartlett, whose ticket was signed by 1.2 million people. In addition, the trip was sponsored by the H&M brand and made it truly unforgettable.

And while regular visitors to the festival huddled in tents, Kate lived in a hotel rented by a brand for bloggers, and went to performances in a “party” bus with neon lights and music. About the best moments of the blogger’s trip told in a separate video.

According to Kate, the organizers have seriously tried to arrange the hotel area, so that visitors want to take as many photos as possible. They even put a bed in the middle of the pool.

The blogger showed whole stands with sweets and “phenomenal” dishes in the restaurant, the menu of which was updated daily. In addition, you could not worry about fashionable images: a team of stylists did her makeup and hair every morning.

In total, the videos in which Kate shared her emotions from the trip received more than 9 million views. The trip aroused the audience’s undisguised envy – one of the most popular comments reads: “I’m definitely ready to die for such a life.”

* Instagram is banned in the Russian Federation.

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