Hollywood actor Simon Pegg says BTS Gene has become the new Benji Dunn from Mission: Impossible

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Gin from BTS is known as the only member of the group who before his debut as an idol was preparing to become an actor and received an education appropriate to this career.

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He was one of the few talented young people in South Korea who managed to bypass more than 2,000 entrants and get into the class of only ten students of the acting faculty of the famous Konkuk University. During his studies, he participated in theatrical productions and music videos and prepared for a role in a movie shortly before joining BTS. Professor Gina praised his talent, determination and outstanding personality. They predicted a successful acting career for him.

Besides that Gin is a singer, songwriter and dancer BTS, he is also often praised for his acting talent. Many directors, actors and representatives of the entertainment industry have said that one day he will make his debut as an amazing actor because Gin definitely born with acting talent.

One such person is the famous Hollywood actor Simon Pegg!! He is known for his roles in “Zombies named Sean”, “Like a Cool Dog”, “Armageddon”, “Star Trek”, as well as in a series of films “Mission: Impossible”.

April 5 Simon posted a photo story on Instagram Gina in the image of a hacker for a special performance BTS at the Grammy ceremony. Simon Pegg quoted a photo: “A new Benji has appeared in the city, and strangely enough, I’m here because of him».

The actor had his role in the famous series of films “Mission: Impossible” (2006 – present). Benji Dunn is the protagonist of the film. He is a technician who has become a field agent for an impossible mission, and one of Ethan Hunt’s top teammates. Benji saves the lives of many people, while remaining a smart and resilient person.

A few months ago the story Simon Pegg about what he would be happy to see Gina in the second season of the series “Squid game“, Was very popular on the Internet. Moreover, Simon said he was sure that Gin a great actor, and if he had been asked to star in a movie with him, he would have agreed to it.

Another interesting thing is that daughter Simon Pegg, Tillyis a big fan Gina. In one of the live broadcasts on Instagram, she and Simon Pegg discussed the fact that Gin – a professional actor with a prestigious degree, and how much they want to see an idol in the movies.

Excerpt from the air Simon Pegg: «Gin studied acting, and I think he would do well to star in a movie / series. Let’s hope that at some point we will see him as an actor. “

Meanwhile, many fans are looking forward to the debut Gina as an actor.

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