Hip-hop unit Stray Kids dominates the iTunes charts around the world

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Joint hip-hop single Stray Kids and SKY-HI has entered various iTunes charts around the world.

February 21, Japanese artist SKY-HI has released his new digital single called “Just Breathe” with the participation 3RACHA (Khan, Chanbin and Ban Chan) from Stray Kids. The song immediately hit the iTunes charts around the world and on the second day after its release reached number three in the global iTunes. The track also ranks 4th in the European chart.

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In addition, as of February 22, the song “Just Breathe” topped the iTunes charts in 23 countries, including Brazil, Finland, Greece, Panama, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and others. In addition, the single entered the Top 5 on iTunes in Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Thailand, Spain, Vietnam, Japan and other countries.

You can listen to the track below:

Congratulations 3RACHA and Stai!

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