Hideo Kojima praised Matt Reeves’ “Batman” and named his favorite Bruce Wayne movie | News

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Hideo Kojima shared his impressions of watching the movie “Batman” with Robert Pattinson in the lead role. On Twitter, the Japanese game designer praised the picture, but noted that his favorite work about the superhero of DC comics – “Lego Movie: Batman”.

In “Batman” with Robert Pattinson, Kojima assessed the balance of modern technology and retro elements, the atmosphere of Gotham City and how the picture reveals the theme of loneliness of the protagonist. The game designer also compared the vision of the character in Matt Reeves to Christopher Nolan. According to him, the hero of Christian Bale shows the duality of Bruce Wayne, who goes to parties and enjoys a rich life, and at night catches criminals. In turn, Pattinson’s character is always himself, with or without a Batman mask.

Matt Reeves’ world premiere of Batman took place on March 1. Users of the IMDb portal rated the film at 8.4 points out of 10. In Russia, the screening of the film was suspended due to hostilities in Ukraine.

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