Here is the “art”: what Latvia “pleased” at the Venice Biennale (PHOTOS)

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The duo of artists’ multimedia exhibition “Sale of Water by the River” was organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia in cooperation with the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art.

“Puntulis has opened a Latvian pavilion in Venice. With this, he will go down in history – “exhibition of members.” All present below the level of these members (our minister and the ladies from the embassy). “This ‘art’ must be divided into parts and kindly distributed to all respected people who deserve it,” Eric wrote on Twitter, who was supported by numerous users in the comments.

In turn, in support of the Minister, but not the exhibition, stood a fellow party member of Puntulis, a member of the Seimas from the National Bloc Alexander Kirsteins.

“I do not think that the Minister is connected with the” artistic “work of these degenerates, but the fact that Latvia must reconsider its participation and spending taxpayers’ money on fans of such European” values ​​”and other murals is more than clear. It would be right for the hobby of this narrow group of freaks to pay privately, ”the deputy said.

“Even in the Pride there are fewer members than in Latvian art,” said one commentator.

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